Why own a store…just find a star and promote!

Laurad    November 13, 2017

We live in world where Instagram marketing is more alive than ever! More and more  A, B,C List celebrities are  promoting and trying to sell products such as Detox teas and so on.

We don’t know if these celebrities are being paid for these products, and usually when a celebrity is being paid to use their platform to promote a product, they’re supposed to tag the post #ad or #spon in some way indicate that a transaction has taken place

Sometimes a celebrity’s post will include a discount code for the product they’re promoting. While this isn’t an outright admission that it’s a straight-up advertisement (Jazabel).

Influencers are those who others INFLUENCE  and companies take advantage of this with the fact that when they see “real” people using their products will increase sales.

According to a Marketwatch claim in Social Media Week, just one endorsement can spell an increase in sales by 4%, almost immediately (Forbes).





Lessons for Others

Instagram feeds are arranged by popularity and to find visibility for your product, you must;


  • Find someone will a huge following
  • Make sure to always hashtag

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Authored by: Laurad

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