The Future of Social Media : HUBSPOT knows the right spot

Laurad    November 27, 2017

Social Media Marketing has changed , more so then ever consumers are only communicating through facebook.  Today Facebook is one of the fastest growing, most well known, most trusted, and most valuable companies in the world. Its only rivals may be Apple and Google.

.there are only 24 hours in a day, and the average person sleeps for 8.8 of them. That means more than one-sixteenth of the average user’s waking time is spent on Facebook.  – New York Times

Facebook has never been more important than now. They are innovating incredibly fast and changing the meaning of social media. It’s critical to figure out how your audience lives in Facebook (Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp) because they are there, everyone on the planet is.

Some Trends Happening With Social Media


  1. New Channels – Facebook Messenger has proven to become a valuable tool. This is where a two way communication can happen within seconds of receiving a message. To understand your target audience, you must find out what social media channel they mostly use . Today one of the big ones include Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The goal is get enough likes and followers to there is a reliable distribution for content.

2. Videos- Today for younger audiences, social media has been replaced by TV. The younger audiences still want to watch videos but they are watching through instagram, facebook and instagram. This means finding a relevant video to your brand. Facebook Live videos have been valuable tools for entertainment industries such as radio stations, tickets sellers or entertainment blogs.

Lessons for Others

At HubSpot, Their ads experts  manually test and optimize combinations of creative and targeting to get the best results. But over the course of 2017 simply decided to stop. They couldn’t beat Facebook’s AI . Now technology

No technology can replace the feeling someone gets when they feel like you’re talking only to them.

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Authored by: Laura D

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