Sugar Savvy Looking Sweet in the Future!

nphilber    November 27, 2017

The use of social media continues to grow at a rapid pace. Sometimes it feels like I just get used to a few social media tools and then all of a sudden, there are new ones to learn about and explore. Staying on top of all the possibilities can be daunting. I’m sure many of us wonder – what is the future of social media?

Ash Read of Buffer, in an article “The Future of Social Media (And How to Prepare For It): The State of Social Media 2016 Report” describes three key social media takeaways to guide social media efforts for 2017 – focus on video, spend time on Facebook and use social media to pay attention to customer support. The article also focuses on objectives and challenges, insights for marketers, and social media role evolution.


Marcus Andrews addresses in an article “The Future of Social Media is Here: These are the Trends You Need to Know” how much Facebook has grown and changed since 2012. He reports that globally the average person spends 50 minutes a day on Facebook. Marcus Andrews also points out four key trends for the future of social media including: new channels, video, mobile ads, and artificial intelligence.

Some of these mentioned trends and takeaways may be surprising for some people and completely expected for others. One thing is for sure, social media is continuing to evolve.

Sugar Savvy

Sugar Savvy services include sugaring services, Organic Airbrush Tanning, brow service and eyelashes. Sugar Savvy also carries a line of products that they are proud to say are Canadian, handmade and free of fillers. Sugar Savvy can be found on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and they are located in the Belmont Village in Kitchener, Ontario. .

In an interview with Emilie of Sugar Savvy, I asked what the plans were for future development using social media. Emilie described how Sugar Savvy continues to evolve by continuing to update their website and recently introducing MailChimp to their social media tools.


Lessons for Others

Sugar Savvy exemplifies the importance of continuing to expand and evolve in various ways, in particular through the use of social media. Some key takeaways from my interview with Emilie:

1) Continue to stay updated and fresh;

2) Develop new ways of staying connected to customers and build relationships

3) Keep learning and growing!

Organization: Sugar Savvy
Industry: Service
Name of Organization Contact: Emilie

Authored by: Natalie

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