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nphilber    November 20, 2017

Search Engine Land defines social media marketing as referring “to the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites”. Marketing has changed dramatically as marketing strategies now incorporate social media platforms to help with marketing plans. In an article titled “Social Media marketing for Businesses” from WordStream, a plan is emphasized as the first step in creating a Social Media Marketing strategy. Asking questions such as: what are you hoping to achieve, who is your audience, what message are you trying to send and what are the best social media tools should be the first place to begin. WordStream also focuses on choosing the best social media platforms for your organization and the article offers suggestions for many platforms, including Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Reddit, and Location Based Media such as Yelp.

In an article by Jayson DeMers, “The 10 Factors That Will Make Your Social Media Marketing Campaign Profitable”, as suggested there are 10 factors listed that help contribute to a social media marketing strategy. A brief summary of the factors:

1) Reasonable expenditure – the article suggests that although many options are free, you should be willing to invest in your efforts to some degree.

2) Strategy – be sure to have your efforts planned and well documented.

3) Consistency – your efforts must be consistent so followers know what to expect from you.

4) Frequency – you should be engaging frequently with your followers.

5) Value – offer some value to your efforts, things people are interested in or find value in.

6) Personal Touches – pay attention to your tone and personalize your efforts so people can connect to you and your organization.

7) Follower Engagement – engage with your followers through discussion, questions, etc.

8) Profitable Calls to Action – ensure your call to action generates profit in some way, i.e. sending people to your website.

9) Analytics – measure your efforts so you can see what is working and what is not.

10) Plan to Scale – plan your efforts according to the size of your audience.

SMP Law firm is a law firm located in Mississauga, Ontario. SMP Law focuses on three main areas of law: family law, estate law and civil law. Shawn, the lawyer at SMP Law, received his license to practice law in Ontario in 2002 and opened his own law firm as a sole practitioner. SMP Law has a skilled team that is there to help clients through their legal matters.

In an interview with Shawn, of SMP Law, he detailed how important social media marketing has become for the firm. Shawn talked about how traditional marketing strategies just are not enough anymore. He expressed how important it is to be part of the social media world as a way to connect with current and potential clients but also to build and maintain relationships with people. Social media allows for more contact with people on a regular basis and helps maintain relationships in a way that you simply could not feasibly do in the past.

Shawn described the social media efforts of SMP Law include a Facebook page, Twitter and a regular blog on the website. He explained these platforms are primarily used as content marketing with the aim to offer people content they may be interested in. Shawn also explained that SMP Law is currently working on incorporating video to the social media platforms as a means of enriching the experience for the people that SMP Law connects with on a regular basis.

Lessons for Others

1) Choose a few social media platforms and focus on them.

2) Try a variety of things – audio, video, images etc. to make your efforts interesting to those who follow you.

3) Be personable and build relationships.

Organization: SMP Law
Industry: Service
Name of Organization Contact: Shawn

Authored by: Natalie

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