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Laurad    November 5, 2017

Social supply Chain management is becoming more of a success tool. It seeks to incorporate social network, social interactions and social data with customers, stateholders and business owners in resulting in an improved customer service.

In most supply chains, the following factors are important;

  • Cost
  • Quality
  • Speed



DHL  Introduced their MyWays’ mobile app in Sweden accessible to all pedestrians pr_g0_090313while riding/walking on the street, any individual with the app can become a volunteer to deliver a DHL package and earn money.


Facilitated through DHL Freight’s network of service points in the city, the service sees consumers buying products online specifying a time and place for delivery, as well as the fee offered for delivery.

Once registered in the system, the package is then available for other Stockholm residents – through the MyWays platform – to pick-up from a DHL service point and deliver to the stated time and place in return for the offered delivery fee.

Peter Hesslin, CEO at DHL Freight Sweden, said his company saw the new offering as not only a service for people looking for more flexible package delivery, but also for those who would consider delivering a package for “a little extra money”.

“This is what makes the platform so unique,” he said. “As soon as the package arrives at one of DHL’s collection locations, the recipient and the deliverer confirm the fee and delivery details, all within the mobile app.”

Lessons for Others

DHL developed the MyWays concept in its Solutions & Innovations unit, carrying out early tests on the new system with the Swedish outdoor company Addnature. Much like Uber, DHL created an AP where regular people provide parcel delivery in the ability to make use of regular city travels while delivering packages for other people. Social media helps sourcing suppliers or “Business Partners” .

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