Anyware, Anytime – Domino’s social metrics always one step ahead

madisonfox    November 20, 2017

Domino’s is one of the largest pizza delivery chains in North America. After having success with their “tweet-to-eat” campaign, the company has created a way to have pizza anywhere and anytime. Domino’s Anyware ordering system now lets customers order a pizza through any app as quickly as humanly and technologically possible (Perez, S. (2016, April).With the new integrated system, customers can order through Google Home, Amazon Alexa, office chat app Slack, Facebook Messenger, text, in-car systems, smart TVs, smart watch, Tweet, voice, or Domino’s proproetary Zero Click app. And if that weren’t enough already, Domino’s also promises more avenues for ordering in the future (Haar, J. (2017, November).  The ordering system is a great innovation system that creates customer engagement and gives the availability for sales at anytime and anyplace.

Creating a fun new product was to not only implement a new product and design, but a way to get closer to customers. This multi-channel approach to interfacing with customers, gives the potential to generate and capture a lot of data – which Domino’s has used to help the efficiency of their marketing. The Domino’s Information Management Framework captures all data through it’s channels and it is combined with enrichment data from third party sources to produce in depth customer segmentation. “We have the ability to not only look at a consumer as an individual and assess their buying patterns, but also look at the multiple consumers residing within a household, understand who is the dominant buyer, who reacts to our coupons, and, foremost, understand how they react to the channel that they’re coming to us on (Marr, B. (2016, April)”. Using social data and metrics gathered from customers allows Domino’s to stay one step ahead of their customers. Gathering customer segmentation data not only helped Domino’s tailor products and coupons to customers, but improved stores and the supply chain where improvements need to be made.

In addition to customer metrics, Domino’s created a marketing program based on transparency to promote sharing metrics. This included posting a Twitter feed on its home page that displayed all tweets, real time photos that are often customer based, posting comments from Twitter on a billboard in Times Square “good, bad, or ugly;” and putting cameras in a Domino’s store with feeds online, so customers could see what was happening in the store ( Miller, M. J. (2016, March).  Domino’s was able to track user actions, buzz, and impact while applying data to customer segmentation profiles.

Lessons for Others

Moreover, Domino’s has used social metrics to help the overall performance of their business. Introducing Anyware turned Domino’s from a pizza company, to an e-commerce business that sells pizza. The company now does $2 billion in e-commerce, more than half of its sales, and has seen double digit sales growth for six years. “We’ve definitely moved away from a time when we were just processing data on sales and operational metrics in our warehouse, every business unit under our umbrella is looking to leverage data to make them faster and more cost effective (Marr, B. (2016, April)”. Domino’s has shown that collecting social metrics can not only benefit customer needs, but overall increase sales and company performance.

Organization: Dominos
Industry: Fast Food
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Authored by: Madison Fox

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