Younique Strives to Build Confidence

christina_austin    October 16, 2017

Like many multi-level marketing companies whose products are geared toward women, one of Younique’s main tenets is to build the personal confidence of their independent consultants.

Younique is a cosmetics company founded in 2012 that uses social media as a main driver of sales from their independent consultants. They decided early on that instead of the traditional in-home parties, that are typical of many direct sales companies, they would hold live Facebook events where hosts and guests could virtually attend the sales party from the comfort of their own home.

Younique consultants still do some in-person parties to sell their products but the virtual parties and consultants Facebook Live posts are popular ways that they have propelled their company forward in the multi-level marketing world.

To build their customer base, consultants often use Facebook as a source for leads. Facebook Live is frequently used by consultants to demonstrate how to use new products and to attract new customers. This in turn has helped to build the confidence of some consultants because there is an atmosphere of support amongst the other Younique consultants. (C. Vanwyk, personal communication, October 14, 2017). They often comment on each other’s Facebook Live events with encouraging comments because many initially feel intimidated by putting up a live video, often without makeup at the start of the video.

The Younique head office uses Facebook Live to announce changes in the company, new products, and new promotions. The leaders use Facebook Live to train consultants in their group on a variety of topics. (W. Kingston, personal communication, October 15, 2017).

Closed groups are also a popular way that leaders and consultants communicate. There are training and corporate groups that help with ideas and tips to grow sales. There are also groups where consultants uplift, validate, and empower one another for their accomplishments. (W. Kingston, personal communication, October 15, 2017).

Lessons for Others

Younique’s use of social media has been an effective tool to grow their brand within the multi-level marketing world. Social media is omnipresent and because of this, the consultants have a way to be easily connected to their group leaders. This connectivity between the consultants and leaders engenders a feeling of empowerment because they aren’t left alone to solve problems they come across. As a consultant grows their business it is inevitable that there would be new challenges to face. By having help through the closed Facebook groups, the consultants can have the confidence that they have help easily at hand.

Organization: Younique
Industry: Multi-Level Marketing
Name of Organization Contact: Wendy Kingston, Independent Consultant

Authored by: Christina Austin

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