Chevrolet Encourages YOU To Give Back!

fhafez    October 26, 2017

Chevrolet is one of the world’s largest automotive brands, doing business in more than 140 countries. In the Middle East (ME), Chevrolet has a strong heritage that has come to represent a trusted automotive brand that fulfills transportation needs and aspirations of customers.

In 2015 – Chevrolet approached Traffic Digital, and their event partners Blink Experience, with an admirable corporate social responsibility (CSR) idea. This encouraged people to give back during the Holy Month of Ramadan. The idea involved a widespread on social media, posting about the campaign meant truly contributing to it. For every post, Chevrolet would donate Iftar meals to workers residing in labor camps across 6 selected cities (Jeddah, Riyadh, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Doha).

Social Media Marketing is an ideal way reach an audience. Real time sharing and the ability to ride your consumers’ emotional waves provides a top notch marketing opportunity.

“Having been in the Middle East for nearly 100 years, Chevrolet understands the importance of Ramadan as a special time to reflect and give. And we want to give: to our customers and to the community in general,” said Markus Leith, Managing Director (ME) Commercial Operations.

An analysis of the IPAdataBANK has shown, campaigns with purely emotional content performed about twice as well as those with purely rational content.


Chevrolet’s campaign for Ramadan triggers an individual’s emotional experience. People were encouraged to share posts using #ChevyCares (both in English&Arabic), as well as  sharing a selfie to contribute their personal thoughts on what Ramadan means to them. People engaged together towards a good cause, knowing that each of their posts would give an Iftar meal to a labor worker.

To ensure distinctive visibility reach of the campaign during the busiest advertising period of the year, key visuals and videos were implemented on Chevrolet Arabia’s social media channels and platforms to encourage the audience with compelling tailored messages.(TwitterFacebookInstagramYoutube)

As a result, the Content produced, and posted became viral – with a successful reach and engagement rate. Chevrolet’s campaign reached 4.9 million across three countries in a span of four weeks. But most importantly – 18,000 Iftar meals were donated by Chevrolet to the labor workers over the course of the Ramadan Period. 

Lessons for Others

  • Corporations benefit from (CSR) – positive social responsibility improves a company’s public image and relationship with consumers & Having a strong CSR program increases media coverage & Boosts employee engagement
  • Positive emotions connect people and bring change. It is important to bring a positive value to your audience and try to fulfill their intrinsic needs
  • Being available on sever channels increases engagement.

Organization: Chevrolet / Chevrolet-Arabia
Industry: Automotive
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Authored by: Farah Hafez

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