Championing Employee Involvement: LifeWorks Practices What It Preaches

ChristinaWild    October 16, 2017

Social media gives us the ability to stay connected like never before. From personal relationships to workplace inclusivity, the power and importance of social tools has never been more evident or necessary. For companies life LifeWorks, which works to help employees feel loved by providing businesses with a global employee wellbeing platform, this ideology around social media and connectivity is what the technology company is built on.

Research by the McKinsey Global Institute found that using social tools to boost communications can raise productivity by 25%. Social media has the potential to empower employees by helping them collaborate and work effectively together. If used properly, social tools have the potential to completely transform workplace morale, attitudes and overall performance.

Company Overview

Voted the world’s ‘Next Great Technology Company’ in 2016, LifeWorks helps employees feel loved by providing an employee wellbeing platform that serves 49,000 companies with more than 15 million users. LifeWorks offers employee assistance and wellness programs, social networking, and financial wellness perks that unlock employees’ full potential.

LifeWorks was created as a joint venture between HR powerhouse Ceridian and the former WorkAngel. It combines WorkAngel’s employee engagement tool with Ceridian’s employee assistance program (EAP) technology, to create a single, compelling platform that brings employees together. The software is easily accessible through an app, which includes a wellness news feed, 24/7 clinical support from certified counselors and health coaching.


“One of the top reasons an employee leaves an organization is because they don’t feel recognized or appreciated.  LifeWorks leverages a mobile first solution that increases employee engagement through recognition and rewards, impacts company culture through HR communication and news feed and provides insight into the organization that will ultimately help a company thrive,” says Jenna Prada, Head of Marketing for LifeWorks, North America.

LifeWorks also offers in-depth analytics on employee success and involvement, giving employers the ability to conduct performance reviews based on detailed statistics and information on employee engagement and recognition. This makes it easier for employers and managers to gauge the effectiveness of various teams and projects and individual employee well-being.

Internal Employee Engagement

Before LifeWorks was officially launched, Ceridian “tested” the new platform amongst its own employees. Since Ceridian adopted the platform, all of its 4,000-plus employees were registered and using LifeWorks regularly. LifeWorks’ social recognition feature, which aims to drive engagement through social interactions including celebrating employee birthdays and acknowledging anniversaries, works across departments and can be customized based on smaller cross-functional work teams. In addition, the built-in Colleague Directory feature allows employees to get to know each other and keep in touch, while the Financial Wellness module provides employees with perks to some of the most well-known dining, entertainment and shopping retailers across the globe.

It’s obvious when reading through LifeWorks ‘Company’ page that it practices what it preaches in terms of employee engagement. “We place the employee at the heart, helping companies drive meaningful experiences that make employees worldwide feel loved. Our technology and service is made possible by 400+ passionate team members who champion this mission on a daily basis” boasts the page header. Beautiful images of LifeWorks’ employees collaborating inside the office and enjoying themselves outside of it demonstrates the importance the company puts on employee well-being, involvement and quality of work life. 

Lessons for Others

Employee involvement is crucial in the success of any business, and without the appropriate technology and social tools, can be impossible to manage and track. LifeWorks emphasizes the importance of employee engagement, well-being and involvement not only in the product it sells, but in the way it treats and manages its employees. Its passion for a human-centred, inventive and positive work space (the three core values that inspire LifeWorks work and employee relationships) makes it a leader in both its industry and in how it treats its own employees. “We want to put employees at the heart of everything we do,” says Jamie True, CEO & Founder.


Organization: LifeWorks
Industry: Employee Wellbeing
Name of Organization Contact: Jenna Prada, Head of Marketing for LifeWorks, North America.

Authored by: Christina Wild

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