The LadyGang is Rolling in Social Media and Smelling Like Roses From It

joanna_clarke    August 4, 2017

This blog post looks at whole enterprise social media – aka social media integrated throughout the entirety of an organization. I could not think of a more fun “organization” to write about then The Lady Gang.

“‘Ladygang’ is a celebrity driven podcast from the minds and mouths of Keltie Knight, Jac Vanek and Becca Tobin. Inspired by their bottomless mimosa brunches, each week a celebrity guest joins the girls for a raw, honest and hilarious look at what the life is really like under the bright lights of Hollywood. Guests will help the girl gang answer life’s burning questions from listeners in #ASKTHELADYGANG and share their own unapologetic stories about stumbing through womenhood.” (The LadyGang, 2017)

The LadyGang is unique is how it uses social media – other then the fact that it is social media, being a podcast. It is social – on social – on social. Looking quickly at The LadyGang make-up and why I am referring to it being social – on social – on social:


The three hosts of The LadyGang are all very well accomplished in their career avenues, and are no stranger to fame or social media notoriety.

  • Keltie Knight: Emmy-nominated TV personalty and co-host of CBS’s The Insider, among a slew of other guest appearances and fashions nods.
  • Becca Tobin: actress, singer, dancer and blogger (JuneMoss); possibly best know for a three year run on Glee as a one of the leading ladies.
  • Jac Vanek: entrepreneur; clothing designer, CEO and owner of the Jac Vanek clothing brand.

Social Media Branding:

  • The LadyGang has about 69K followers alone within the combine platforms of a LadyGang Instagram, Twitter and Facebook page, with an accompanying private positivity driven LadyGang Group on Facebook (14,000 + members).
  • has a blog on their discussing specific topics in fashion, beauty and lifestyle.
  • Each of these hosts has no shortage of followers on social media platforms, with over a million followers combine between the three of them, and that is just on Instagram accounts alone (find the at: @becca, @keltieknight, @jakvanek).

The LadyGang is definition whole enterprise social media…it is seamlessly in every inch of their podcast, marketing and branding. Bridging course material from my University of Waterloo Social Media for Business Performance course, it can be recognized that while there is methodology to creating a social media canvas (or strategy), it is going to be unique for every organization / company. There are different needs, different workplace structures and different layouts for how to best adapt social media.

Lessons for Others

“When people throughout the organization are effectively involved in creating the strategy, it is more likely to succeed.” (Waterloo, 2017)

The ladies from The LadyGang exemplify this to a tee:

  • They utilize multiple platforms to cross-share between their personal brands and The LadyGang.
  • On the podcast, Jac advertises a discount code for her clothing line for LadyGang listeners and Keltie discusses recent happenings in celebrity interviews at work.
  • They all draw to their certain strengths when podcasts guest are on, none more noticeable then Keltie and her interviewing skills and love of keeping on time and on topic!
  • The LadyGang Group on Facebook allows direct engagement of the three hosts with their listeners and builds personal relationships; they bring this into their podcasts.
  • They draw guests from their work or social circles (or those that lead to others from there), which allows for cross-marketing of their podcast / brand onto the guests social channels.

The LadyGang is picking steam since it has begun in 2015. The ladies have had multiple mentions in entertainment / lifestyle publications about their podcast – a few mentioning them as a “must listen” (The LadyGang, 2017), been awarded 2016 Podcast of the Year (CelebMix, 2017) and are nearly cracking the top 50 for the Society and Culture podcast section on iTunes (as of August 4, 2017 they were #66; they have 188 reviews on iTunes, and 171 are 5 star!)

These three ladies are crushing it; they are funny, smart, successful and always have stories about living and playing in the “magical life of Hollywood and the glamour of LA”. They are a shining example of how utilizing social media in a cross-over capacity, embedded throughout your product can create success.

The LadyGang is rolling in social media and smelling like roses from it!

Organization: The LadyGang
Industry: Podcast
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Authored by: Joanna Clarke

If you have concerns as to the accuracy of anything posted on this site, please send your concerns to Peter Carr, Program Director, Social Media for Business Performance.


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