Monster connects people and job opportunities using Hootsuite

Hersh Fadi    July 3, 2017

Data is eating the world and search is the key to finding the data you need. The enterprise search industry is consolidating and moving to new technologies.
In the next few years we’ll see nearly all search become voice, conversational, and predictive. Search will surround everything we do and the right combination of signal capture, machine learning, and rules are essential to making that work. Fortunately, much of the technology to drive this is available to us today.

Monster Worldwide Inc. is a global leader in connecting people to jobs, wherever they are. For more than 20 years, Monster has helped people improve their lives with better jobs and employers find the best talent. Offers services in more than 40 countries, providing some of the most sophisticated job seeking, career and talent management, and recruitment capabilities. Monster’s global network sees 29 resumes uploaded, 7,900 jobs searched, and 2,800 jobs viewed every minute.

Integrating social media across an organization that’s been around for nearly 20 years comes with its own challenges. Monster is a long-established organization in the job search space. Traditionally, people only search for jobs every few years, meaning Monster has to keep their brand top of mind over longer periods of time. With new competitors and niche solutions for different industries, Monster must be proactive in showing that their brand is still the dominant player in the marketplace.

Building positive brand sentiment and relevance while protecting the brand are essential to stay top of mind over longer periods of time.

Monitoring for brand and competitive sentiment is a huge undertaking. Monster’s growing social media team, headed by Patrick Gillooly, Director of Digital Communication and Social Media, is challenged to manage so many channels and conversations with finite resources.

Hootsuite allows us to stay organized and see conversations easily. Making personal connections online—which is essential to our business growth today—is that much easier.”

Patrick Gillooly
Director of Digital Communication and Social Media

Monster uses both Brandwatch Analytics and Hootsuite to help build the brand and develop lasting relationships with job seekers. Hootsuite acts as a hub for all listening and engagement on behalf of the Monster brand.

As a first step, they set up dozens of keyword, @mention and hashtag search streams to listen for various job- and employer-search signals. For example, listening to #JobInterview or #LoveMyJob within Hootsuite might give them an opportunity to engage with job seekers or find great employers. People may not be talking about Monster per-se, but it gives them a chance to make a positive connection and stay top of mind.

Using Brandwatch Analytics within Hootsuite means that you can monitor and dig deeper into Monster’s social brand presence across over 80 million online sources such as blogs, forums, news, and review sites, as well as social networks.

Monster created Boolean search queries within Brandwatch Analytics, which determine the type of information Brandwatch will search for. Brandwatch Analytics then inspects every corner of the social web to find the specified data. Once the queries were created, Monster’s team pushed the information to Hootsuite, in order to manage all the social data from one unified dashboard.

Monster is now more proactive in engaging customers and job candidates on social. They turn various job-seeking signals into conversations that will help keep Monster top of mind the next time the job seeker is looking for a new opportunity.

Using Brandwatch Analytics, they monitor third party validations such as what the market is saying about them, their competitors, and their customers—helping them to make more agile, strategic decisions.

Lessons for Others

Most large corporations have implemented social media policies to ensure that employees communicate appropriately across all social software channels.

The essence of Enterprise Social Media is that you can work with anyone, anywhere, and at any time. It is different to traditional IT because it comes very close to people having a conversation. Put in a business perspective this greatly improves productivity, creativity, and problem solving. Because people work together online, all the knowledge they share and utilize is automatically captured and available to others. The few companies that are successfully using ESM are seeing great improvements of employee participation and engagement with the company.

Organization: Monster
Industry: employment website
Name of Organization Contact: Mark Stoever ,CEO

Authored by: Hersh

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