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huda.hm96    July 5, 2017

Colourpop was found in the city of Los Angeles in 2014 by Seed Beauty and is a company that provides its customers with affordable and cruelty-free products. This company understands the importance of makeup trends in the ever-changing industry and keeps up with them without breaking the bank. What’s even more interesting is how they integrate their social media in specific functioning areas of their organisation and across the organisation as a whole to improve collaboration and organisational performance.

Colourpop is very similar to established beauty brands such as Urban Decay and Anastasia Beverly Hills in the sense that they all found popularity on social media via beauty vloggers and Instagram, and subsequently the millions of people who follow their every move. However, more than before, Instagram famous beauty brands such as Colourpop are starting to take over and seem to be the rave for every beauty influencer.

This brand is truly phenomenal as its launch has solely been through social media. The medium notoriously makes users think they’re getting to know the person or entity they’re following, but it’s just a tightly controlled image and façade. Intellectually everyone knows this, but it’s hard to remember when you’re admiring a colourfully curated account. ColourPop suddenly appeared in everyone’s feeds as a disembodied social media account full of perky millennial-isms and beautiful makeup pictures.

Colourpop cosmetics is also taking a step further and brings social media into their supply chain by teaming with other brands such as refiner29 and Boldly to show how the makeup is made. Much like the cosmetic/personal care company Lush Cosmetics, Colourpop takes front lines to personalise their business and show customers that they are truly cruelty-free by using social media. Chack out these two videos bellow to see how Colourpop works its magic:

Lessons for Others

Colourpop is a relatively new and upcoming brand, but its success through social media is truly one to be noted. The use of social media is done throughout the enterprise which has allowed ColourPop to improve its collaboration with other companies such as Refinery29 and Boldly which has resulted in organisational performance. Social media has become a tool for many companies such as Colourpop to enhance business performance, and it is important to understand how it can be beneficial to other companies.

Organization: Colourpop
Industry: Online cosmetics retail
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Authored by: Huda Mohammed

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