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asmartinez    July 6, 2017

“Social Tools are not just about giving people a voice, but giving them a way to collaborate, contribute and connect”.  – John Stepper, MD Social Media and Collaboration at Deutche Bank.  The Whole Enterprise Social Media is the integrated approach to the use of social media for business performance improvement.  The use of social media in various organizational areas is beneficial however, even greater benefits are possible if we can link them together and synchronize its use across the organization.

Loyalty Digital Solutions Inc. understands the importance of social media and not only using it through its different functions but also integrating it to help connect and collaborate with each other.  Loyalty Digital Solutions is a digital solutions provider, specializing in web, mobile and e-commerce platforms. They maintain, host and drive traffic to your site, all by using the latest techniques in design and development. Their digital marketing solutions focuses on building loyal customers for your business.

In an interview with Aaron, production manager at Loyalty, he describes how social media, specifically the use of Trello  is integrated throughout his organization. “We use Trello as our scrum (board for both the production team and sales team). All staff members are aware of what everyone is working on for the day and if the task is completed, or roadblocked. Every morning we have our scrum meeting  to review what we did yesterday, what were working on today and if there are any issues with any tasks. All staff members are to attend either in person or Google Hangouts.” Aaron goes into more detail on the other integrated systems they use, “the sales team uses the CRM system called Hubspot, here they track all sales activity and input tasks which is then shared in real-time to Trello, where we use a linking software called Zapier.

All team members communicate and share files using Slack, which through Zapier is able to link back to Trello. As for other documents that need to be shared on a more consistent basis for the sales team, they use Google Docs , which is then shared on Trello at the end of the month for review. It is important for us to have everything tracked via Trello, not only for the team but for monitoring purposes by upper management.”

When asked Aaron how integrating Social Media “Trello” has improved their business he explains “Cost Reduction! Many of these tools/applications are of no cost as well as improved communication throughout the business.

Lessons for Others

Integrating a Whole Enterprise Social Media approach to businesses shares its benefits of improved communication, cost reduction and efficient production and operations.  Having information centralized through a tool like Trello helps keep track of day to day tasks as well as allows management to monitor that the organizations goals and strategies are being achieved.

Organization: Loyalty Solutions Digital Solutions Inc.
Industry: Digital Marketing
Name of Organization Contact: Aaron Chua, Production Manager, Loyalty Digital Solutions Inc.

Authored by: asmartinez

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