Social Media and the World of Marketing… How LS ONE does it?

asmartinez    June 20, 2017

Over the last few years Social Media has changed not only the world, but also the world of marketing.  The benefits that social media provides business owners include: Increase brand Awareness, Legitimizing their Brand, Increasing sales, Improve Customer Service and Distributing Content to engage customers  The following video explains some of these as well as includes additional benefits.

One company that understands the benefits to marketing and social media is LS ONE.  LS ONE is a Rewards Program which is downloaded to your smart phone featuring tokens earned in exchange for rewards, digital coupons and special deals through the applications push notifications and beacon technology.

In an interview with James, Business Manager of LS ONE he explains in detail how he uses Social Media in marketing and how it has benefited his company.  The majority of his clients are derived from Business Improvement Areas (BIA) where individual clients/businesses are introduced to him through the membership. Clients include: Streetsville BIA, Port Credit BIA  and Bayview Leaside BIA.

Increasing Brand Awareness/Legitimate Brand

According to James, “To create Brand Awareness for LS ONE we decided to hold a sweepstakes contest on Facebook.   The contest was to focus on the promotion of LS ONE clients from the Port Credit Business Area (BIA). The campaign was very successful and our likes to our Facebook page grew to from 50 likes to over 1000 over the course of the campaign”.  Gaining Likes and Followers in Social Media was important to this company as they wanted to show that they were an active legitimate brand.

Distribute Content

In addition to its sweepstakes contest LS ONE also contributes regular scheduled posts through Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.  Posts vary in content which include current relevant news, blog posts and reading material.  The purpose of these posts is to let people know the brand is active and give variety in its marketing posts. LS ONE is able to distribute content directly to its network that is engaging and interesting.

Increasing Sales

When asked how has social media marketing increased the sales of LS ONE, James admitted “Because of our increase in Facebook Likes, more BIA’s saw our social media presence and also inquired about our services.  Social Media tends to have an influence when signing potential clients as they see likes as an indicator of success.” Our Sales have increased with the help of our Social Media presence on Facebook”


Lessons for Others

Social Media presence is important as not only to engage customers and brand awareness but also gain creditably for potential and future clients as it gives them confidence and legitimacy to the business.  Social media should never be overlooked as it is accessible to everyone and can be common indicator of the success of a business.

Organization: LS ONE
Industry: Digital Marketing
Name of Organization Contact: James Martinez, Business Owner

Authored by: asmartinez

If you have concerns as to the accuracy of anything posted on this site, please send your concerns to Peter Carr, Program Director, Social Media for Business Performance.


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