Getting Social with Marketing

jbondtravel    June 20, 2017

Modern Marketing has been a staple of doing business since the second world war. As social media has evolved, businesses have had to evolve with it to better market themselves. But what if your business is social media? Does that change your marketing plan? How can a social company thrive in the vast online marketplace? Maz Dela Cerna hails from Brisbane, Australia and is the founder of She is a blogger, vlogger, social media expert, and the face of her brand. She has created a social following through her personal progress in weight loss, health, travel and lifestyle. Maz has turned a passion for health and wellbeing, along with her passion for travel, into a successful online brand. She writes from the heart and puts her experiences out there with a genuine interest in helping others. It is obvious in her communications with her followers and her ever growing online presence.

Maz has spent the last 2 years honing her craft at online marketing. Her brand can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and her blog posts have been featured on numerous online publications such as, the Financial Gazette, and Thought Catalog to name a few. I spoke with Maz to find out how she handles her marketing and brand management.

Teaming up with like companies and communities is a major income generator. Not surprisingly, she uses many of the same tools to draw an income that major marketing firms use. Tools such as Hootsuite, Google Analytics, and the analytics software from within the different platforms all help her to manage and monitor her marketing efforts.

She has a solid portfolio on LinkedIn that definitely helps to legitimize her brand in the business community, and she has joined related communities online to further establish a trustworthy reputation, as well as increase her conversions. One of her biggest marketing platforms is YouTube. She has created a Fitness Freedom Flow YouTube channel on which she hosts her vlogs. These video blogs have garnered her quite a large following and quite a lot of buzz on related websites. She is no stranger to this medium, as she has nearly 50 vlogs posted already in just the last 11 months. Her viewership increases with each and every post.

Lessons for Others

Social brands are capitalizing on all the same marketing options as their brick and mortar counterparts. And they may even have it better as their overhead is generally lower. Maz Dela Cerna is definitely using social media to its full potential with her company. The use of social media to market The Fitness Freedom Flow has increased her brand awareness, legitimized her brand, increased her sales and made easy work of distributing her content.

Industry: Online Blogger
Name of Organization Contact: Maz Dela Cerna

Authored by: Julie Bond

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