Word Of Mouth Through The Digital Age

jbujan    May 23, 2017

Social media has evolved into the new marketing and advertising platforms for business’s in the last few years. Top brands are using unique ways on reaching out to their consumers, they are also getting very creative by using special tactics. In the beauty industry, cosmetic companies use many strategies on reaching out to their audiences by educating them on cosmetics through different channels and platforms. Other companies tend to give PR packages and samples of their product in order to draw in customers. Even though in this day in age social media marketing and digital marketing is the new way to reach out to consumers for the best results, nothing beats the most valuable and effective form of marketing which is WOMM (word of mouth marketing). Tarte cosmetics has recognized that and has appreciated the individuals such as bloggers and vloggers that pass the message across to their following, therefore creating customers for Tarte.

Tarte cosmetics was founded by Maureen Kelly in the year of 2000. The company brand headquarters is located New York City and is sold at department stores across the globe such as Sephora and ultra. Customer-brand relationships are key for any business that is using social media to market their product, but there has been a serious shift of marketing in the beauty industry, which is now the collaboration of social media and word of mouth advertising. Bloggers and vloggers have had a big influence on consumer purchases in the industry whether it be online purchases or retail purchases. This seems to be the closest thing to word of mouth advertising using social media to engage with customers as these vloggers and bloggers have a trusted fan base. Tarte cosmetics have taken full advantage of the new system of marketing and have been appreciating it at the same time. Tarte has started a new campaign called “Trippin with Tarte” showing appreciation to certain individuals that review, sell their products through their channels and are overall loyal to the brand. It is a vacation where all the vloggers and bloggers get to meet each other on an all inclusive trip sponsored by Tarte Cosmetics. Each of the individuals that attend post, stream and capture this amazing trip that show cases the brand and their products in action, therefore setting an image for the consumer. The number one customer for a company, especially in the beauty world are the ones who tell others about their products. In this case, the vloggers and bloggers by engaging with a fan base through social media, which are now potential customers.

Lessons for Others

There are many ways in reaching out to customers through the internet depending on the target audience that is relevant to the product or services a company provides. Tarte cosmetics has taken things to the next level by investing into the individuals that help tell the brand story. A very unique way of using social media to its full potential by including the word of mouth marketing method. Customer engagement can be included in many different aspects through social media but this remedy of customer-brand relationship has great potential for any business that wants to market through social media.

Organization: Tarte Cosmetics
Industry: Cosmetic industry
Name of Organization Contact: Maureen Kelly

Authored by: J.Bujan

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