Sephora: Social Media Champs

jbujan    May 15, 2017

Sephora has made a global presence in the last few decades in the cosmetic industry. Founded in France 1970, by Dominique Mandonnaud, which was then sold to LVMH in 1997. The company had quickly evolved with retail stores expansions and a wider variety of products. Sephora offers a large range of products such as fragrance, makeup, skincare, hair products, and accessories. In the last few years Sephora has taken a massive transition into digital retailing as the company uses social media as a main platform to expand the brand.

The company is constantly being innovative and adapting to new information as the industry is always changing at a rapid pace. However, Sephora uses a unique way of always engaging and evolving with their employees to the new changes. The prestige brands that Sephora carries, such as Kat Von D, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Too faced, Marc Jacobs etc. have their global artists and brand reps come into certain stores educating Sephora employees about their products and techniques. Employees and brand reps capture the learning and excitement to later post. This strategy is used through social media by ensuring Sephora employees have the highest quality of training and skills needed for their clients. Therefore sending the message to clients that Sephora is the leading expert in cosmetics.

Lessons for Others

After reading reviews and speaking with a few employees at Sephora it seems to be an amazing place to work as the company continues to invest in their employees with the obsession of teaching and educating them at a high level. Sephora leads the beauty industry and has made a serious impact in the digital world as they currently sit with,

Instagram: 11.5 million followers

Twitter: 2.22 Millions followers

Youtube: 799K Subscribers

You can count on Sephora to keep you updated with the latest trends and tips through social media as they dominate the beauty industry alongside their highly trained cast members.

Organization: Sephora
Industry: Beauty Industry
Name of Organization Contact: Christopher de Lapuente

Authored by: J.Bujan

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