Makeup Enthusiasts drive Sigma Beauty’s Success

huda.hm96    May 24, 2017

In the midst of this Social/Mobile Marketing Era, business has changed its focus from being all about maximising a company’s financial return, to real-time connections, and social exchanged based on relationships driven by the consumers. An industry that understands and uses customer engagement as a tool is the beauty industry.

One company in particular that stands out the most is Sigma Beauty. Sigma Beauty is a makeup brand found in 2009 which quickly grew into a well-known international online beauty store. Sigma Beauty is a global company with a marked presence on all continents. Their mission is to provide beauty enthusiasts with the latest innovations in cosmetics, makeup brushes, and brush care accessories. They utilise science and engineering to continuously challenge the beauty industry status quo and present their clients with state of the art products.

Sigma is one brand that appears in almost all beauty YouTube videos, on Instagram and other social media website. They use makeup enthusiasts for product reviews and word of mouth to communicate their product quality to other customers. It is outstanding how Sigma creators have used platforms like YouTube to generate popularity for their brand. They have sent out their unique brushes, brush cleaning gloves, and makeup to YouTubers and other online influencers, offering these video creators 10% for any sales they brought in through affiliate links. The company has a special section of their website dedicated to YouTube members. Instead of primarily using their YouTube channel, they choose to use YouTube Vloggers to promote their products. Outside influencers and affiliates drive 99.4% of YouTube views about Sigma Beauty.

A good example of Sigma Beauty’s customer engagement, check out Youtube video by  “Lipstick and Lithium” called “Sigma Brushes – Fact or Crap???” which has more than 28,000 organic views:

Lessons for Others

Overall, Sigma Beauty is promoting their brand successfully through beauty Vloggers, makeup enthusiasts, and customer reviews as a means of customer engagement on social media. Taking note of Sigma Beauty’s success, it is important for other businesses to understand the opportunities that now exist to create positive customer engagement using social media. If one can implement social engagement correctly into their company marketing strategy, the customers could actually become their greatest marketing tool.


Organization: Sigma Beauty
Industry: Online Retail
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Authored by: Huda Mohammed

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