Hersh Fadi    May 22, 2017

Deyaar is one of the largest property developers in Dubai, They strive to serve their customer in the best possible manner, came up with the idea which will create value for Deyaar’s customers by saving their time and effort by streamlining the processes and providing an online channel to manage their properties from anywhere.

Deyaar’s operations are divided across four key business units – Property Development, Property Management, Facilities Management and Owners’ Association Management. Through these teams, Deyaar aims to maximize investor profits, provide customers with the highest level of service in the industry and deliver real solutions that truly enhance the value of their investments. The customer portal provided by traffic not only caters all the four key business units but brings them to their customer’s doorstep. Customers will be able to view all their financials and pay their dues, open and track their service requests and will be informed on all the updates related to their investments.

Quicker turn-around time for customers, as they don’t have to visit Deyaar offices for mundane tasks, and even the resolution time for any service requests was cut to half, thanks to the streamlined processes at work with the online portal. Moreover, they are always up-to-date about their investments which is a huge relief for all the customers. From property management aspect the landlords have complete information about who their tenants are what they are paying (or not paying). The ability to view complete financial information related to any unit and pay any outstanding dues has been the most used feature of the customer portal.

By Assessing the landscape of the company and came up with ideas which will create value for the company’s customers by saving their time and effort so they can easily access the company services by providing online channels to manage their needs from anywhere then we can ensure that the customers’ are engaging with the latest digital services provided by the company.

Lessons for Others

The usage pattern of the internet users has changed drastically over the recent years. A considerable number of users access social media using their digital devices. In this context, the business website should be mobile compatible. It’s a platform to establish your brand, increase loyalty and retain customers.

Organization: DEYAAR
Industry: Property Industry
Name of Organization Contact: Saeed Al Qatami,CEO

Authored by: Hersh Fadi

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