Iscar Tools: Whole Enterprise Social Media Integration

Byron Mellon    April 3, 2017

ISCAR Tools is an industry leading producer of precision carbide metalworking tools and inserts. Iscar provides a wide range of innovative carbide inserts, carbide endmills and cutting tools to tackle most metal cutting applications. They are also globally renowned for providing top notch engineering and manufacturing solutions  for a wide variety of major industries such as automotive, aerospace and die & mold production. To reach this level of success, it takes more than just providing a quality product to the market, you need to to be well rounded in all aspects of business. More importantly, you need to be able to manage and integrate all segments of your organizational hierarchy. When it comes to social media integration on a global scale, this is no easy task.



As a way to tackle the challenge, Iscar developed “MATRIX“. MATRIX is essentially a fully integrated inventory management tool that allows the end user to order, track, control stock levels, and measure all aspects of the supply chain. The unit itself can be integrated with a variety of supply chain programs such as SAP, AS400 to maximize performance, efficiency and inventory from anywhere, anytime.

MATRIX was originally created as a way to make sure that tools and inserts were being stored properly on the work floor. Often times tools would disappear or be misplaced by CNC operators, with no way of tracking who or when. We quickly realized that the “MATRIX” machine and software itself could not only provide a cost savings from an security standpoint, but it could also provide tremendous value in areas of inventory management and accountability. The software can be downloaded to your phone, desktop or laptop and makes tracking and reporting lost tooling very easy.   ” Robert Lindley-Inside Sales & Customer Service, Iscar Canada



In a competitive industry that is driven by innovation and technology, Iscar has developed a solution that helps their suppliers achieve success through cost savings in areas of inventory and loss prevention. More importantly the introduction of “MATRIX” has allowed the relationship between distributors and suppliers to become strengthened, thus more efficient and cost effective. The benefits associated from streamlining the supply chain process can be directly attributed to Iscar’s ability to integrate different aspects of the business with social media tools and technology.

Lessons for Others

For companies in todays global market, it takes more than just being good in one area of business. To set your self apart from the competition, you must be able to manage and integrate all aspects of your organizational structure. I believe it is important for each organization to take an in-depth look at areas of strength and weakness when it comes to overall performance and efficiency. Creating a social media strategy from your findings can help define a clear path and direction that your organization should work towards. As social media continues to evolve, so should your social media strategies. The ability to incorporate and implement these strategies with the intent to integrate all aspects of your business will not only differentiate you from the others, it will also provide you with the tools required to deal with future challenges.

Industry: Metal Cutting Tools
Name of Organization Contact: Robert Lindley

Authored by: Byron Mellon

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