Tasty takes food trends and makes marketing magic

donnadasilva12@gmail.com    March 20, 2017

If you’re like me, it’s hard to scroll through your Facebook feed without having a video from Tasty pop up. Launched in December of 2015, this Buzzfeed-owned online food channel is garnering attention from across demographics. Tasty’s videos demonstrate how easy it can be to create mouthwatering food.  Through simple marketing, Tasty has managed to attract consumer interest by creating a winning formula of customer engagement. Tasty has capitalized on the fact that people are looking to be able to make delicious food without having to watch a long step-by-step video, or follow a deeply detailed recipe. By promoting trendy videos across multiple social media channels, Tasty has managed to ingrain itself into social media culture across the globe.

In a time with Food Network, Cooking Channel, and other sources promoting home cooking, Tasty has carved out a niche. With consumers constantly being on the go, Tasty provides videos of appealing recipes shot from a birds-eye view. The videos demonstrate how easy the recipes are to make, and the videos themselves capitalize on timing and speed. Tasty videos can be as quick as 30 seconds, or more extended at just over 2 minutes. Within the world of Facebook, the videos themselves automatically play, soundlessly, and demonstrate how easy it is to make great food – all with little work being done by the consumer. Video content ranges from alcoholic beverages, vegetarian options, nostalgic fare, or on-trend options. Tasty has managed to tap into a medium of sharing great content in a manner that has resonated with consumers. By diversifying their social mediums, Tasty is garnering fans. Success is being found by using Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Twitter, with an abundance of fans and followers. By the numbers, Facebook is yielding over 83m likes, 9m fans on Instagram, over 636K pins on Pinterest, over 2.4m YouTube subscribers, and over 429K Twitter followers.  What Tasty has managed to do is understand how their target market consume content, then distribute meaningful messaging across mediums. The fundamental success of the video is not only that the food creations are often nostalgic, but that their simplicity can inspire anyone to be a foodie. The videos help to instill the belief that creating delicious, homemade food is something anyone can do. This is fundamental to changing the way our on-the-go society eats and will help people to make better food choices. Tasty is transforming the way that people eat, one video at a time.

Lessons for Others

Tasty is receiving monthly viewership in the billions by presenting content in a way that is more easily consumed than in previous iterations. By providing intriguing and short videos, Tasty has developed a formula for success that is successful here in North America, and has also been replicated to global audiences.  Proper Tasty was established for UK and Australian audiences, embracing comfort food that speaks well to those specific regions. With these moves, Tasty has been able to embrace new advertisers and make a deeper marketing impact. BuzzFeed Tasty global GM Ashley McCollum shares, “We have sold advertising in every other market in the world and had immediate massive scale results that feel like TV advertising. On BuzzFeed you can get 10 million views a day and it wouldn’t be an insane figure. We are in a really good place as ad dollars continue to shift from TV to digital – we will benefit from the shift.”  One key learning from Tasty is that in order to secure marketing viewership, being able to shift dynamically in the face of change is fundamental to success.

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Authored by: Donna Alexander

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