Randstad, Social Media and the Job Seeker

rbuonomo    March 13, 2017

At times we can all become the victims of a good trend.  The next big things is always around the corner and can often times seem like the answer that we have been looking for.  But is the appeal the concept itself or the popularity of the solution ?  Will the solution work within the  operating reality?  In the world of social media the only true predictor is Social Media Metrics.

Randstad Canada turns 20 this year while Randstad Global celebrates their 57th anniversary.  The Canadian leader in Staffing, Recruitment and HR services Randstad is a seasoned veteran in the arena of recruitment and client management.  Operating in 7 provinces Randstad specializes with pairing a high level of service to their clients as well as the job seeker.

Within this operating reality is a need for brand awareness with  clients that use the services as well as the job seekers looking for new employment opportunities.  In order to deliver to both sides of the equation what is needed  are well thought out and executed marketing plans.  For some the immediate response would be to advertise positions on social media because everyone is on it all of the time, but for Randstad there is more thought that goes into the matter.

Social Media metrics are a constant topic of conversation within the head office as they are used to predict the success of a business plan as well as to determine which social media outlet is a best fit for a particular campaign.  Though Randstad has a dominant presence on Facebook and Twitter the Metrics indicate that depending on the role that they are looking to fill these platforms may not be the solution to find prospective candidates.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Patrick Lee, Senior Digital Marketing Manager for Randstad Canada to discuss his thoughts on how Social Media Metrics influence business decisions.  Patrick was able to help me see how the metrics could provide more objectivity when making business decisions:

“For digital at Randstad, our goal is to provide to the business the highest quality candidates, in the fastest time, at the lowest cost.  This applies for all channels (ie. organic, paid aids, referrals), including social. Everything is measured.  Our KPIs reflect this and they include: Cost Per Application, Cost Per Placement, Time to Fill.  The reason Time to Fill is important is because in our business, the fastest to fill gets all the business, the reward for 2nd fastest is $0.”



Lessons for Others

Social media metrics are an excellent way for businesses to determine if a application is a fit for the desired outcome of a campaign.  Though they may not be the most glamours element in the process they do offer the most value as they allow the user to look at a business plan in a more objective manor.  This objectivity allows for those involved to make sounds decisions based on facts.   This is a huge time savor which at times can make the difference as to weather or not you finish in first place.

Organization: Randstad
Industry: Human Resources
Name of Organization Contact: Patrick Lee

Authored by: Robyn Buonomo

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