Marketing and Social Media: An Abstract View

Byron Mellon    March 20, 2017

From a marketing perspective, being able to distinguish your brand in a sea of competition is a difficult challenge. That being said, if you are the brand, this task takes on a much more strategic and personal dynamic. You are putting your personal interpretations and artistic creativity on display in an open forum for all to see. It can be an extremely daunting and vulnerable process. Your success as a artist/business, relies heavily on your ability to tell your story in a way that allows the consumer to relate to you, and your artwork.

Such is the challenge for Joanna Gresika Canadian abstract artist by night and corporate interior designer by day, living and working in Toronto, Ontario. Joanna creates paintings that are inspired by the energy and life of towns and cities shown through sharp lines, carefully crafted colour palettes and gestural abstract expressionist marks. Joanna has a unique ability to see architecture and landscape through a different lense , and even more impressive is her ability to express those interpretations onto a canvas.

With the emergence of social media as a trusted marketing tool for businesses over the last decade or so, it comes as no surprise that these same social media channels now play an important role for small business owners and artists just like Joanna. By providing a platform and a vehicle for messaging, social media marketers can now reach a wider more specific target audience with their products and services. Joanna understands the importance of creating such relationships and quickly determined that these interactions were essential for her growth, not only as an artist, but also as a business person.


“Social media allows me to express, promote and connect with fans of my artwork on a consistent basis. I like to post what I make each day on Instagram and I consistently blog about how it’s going each week so you can follow along with me and keep me accountable. As an artist, I think it is important that I create an emotional connection, not only with my work, but also with the people who are viewing it. Social media plays an important role in this relationship.” – Joanna Gresik



“Every day we move through the urban landscape having to tune out all the excess noise as we focus on getting to our destination.” – Joanna Gresik


Lessons for Others

It is clear that social media has dramatically changed the marketing world in recent years. With businesses investing significant time and money into strategic plans and marketing initiatives, this trend will continue to grow and expand into the near future. As I have noted in previous blogs, the importance of creating and nurturing relationships with the consumer is a key component in this mix. A social media presence is essential in this process. Social media channels provide the ideal environment in which a company or business can engage and interact with their customers on a more personal level. Whether it be a multinational corporation or an abstract artist from Toronto, Ontario, having a social media plan and strategy in place is a must.

Industry: Artist
Name of Organization Contact: Joanna Gresik

Authored by: Byron Mellon

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