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SADAF    March 14, 2017

I am pretty sure you, who is reading this blog have somehow an account in one of the leading social media platforms otherwise you wouldn’t be able to read through this!

Almost most of us as social media users value the number of the people who follow us, “Like
” our post or pictures, comment on the events we share or even share our post with their connections or followers. All of the above are illustrations which show how well our posts are accepted by our connections. Clearly, one of the main porpuses of using the Social Media these days as one of the most impactful ways of communicating is to share information in a different fashion and get feedback from people within our circle of connection rapidly.

The story is not this simple for organizations which hugely invest on social media to run social media campaigns promoting their solutions and products, no matter what types of businesses or industry we are in, every day we see less number of people going about their purchases based on advertising but more based on recommendations and reviews.

Only for this very reason, Business owners shall have access to some tools to provide them with metrics and analytics on their social media activity to gauge their success by understanding some of the core metrics such as;

1) Audiance Growth Rate ;which basically allows you to see if the number of audiance is growing by time.

2) Average Engagement Rate; which compares your post engagement with the overall number of followers.

3) Visitor Frequency Rate ; breakdown of social media-referred visitors that are returning to your site, and those that are new to it.

4) Assisted Social Conversions; which helps to understand how many of visitors on website or social media platforms are converted to customers.

Hootsuite, Google Analytics Are examples of some tools that I’ve recently started to use just to study the impact of my posts on the social media and learn how much traffic my activity on the social media generates through my small circle of a network. But there are some other tools with more advanced features regarding flexibility of reports and information (metric, Segments, Level 2 site, etc.That comes into play when more complex data are involved in the equation, AT Internet is for sure one of those.


AT Internet a privately owned company which provides a variety of web services such as; web analytics, market research, Web marketing and much more.
This company has introduced so many online user-friendly products to the business owners and stakeholders to help them to get the most relevant analytic data based on their online activities to assist them in getting solid decisions for the future of their businesses.

Reports App is one service offered to business owners by AT Internet.This app gives a quick look at traffic and usage and gives users a visibility over different elements, Traffic Acquisition, Audience Profile, Content Consumption, etc. this information seems a bit complicated in a first glance, but they are indeed important for campaign managers and business stakeholders as it gives the vision to define their action plans for future programs.

Deborah Harron, a communication manager at Schneider Electric, stated her agreement on the importance of the social media analytics as following;

Thank you for this comprehensive article supplying some tools to measure social media. You are right in that it is not enough for a person or their organization to be active in social media or just to get ‘likes’. That’s ok if it is personal, but in the case of business, I agree with you that it is important to measure your efforts and activity. Metrics are critical to one’s strategy, campaigns etc. The tools you offer here will be helpful.


Lessons for Others

Social media as one of the most impactful vehicles of communication is just a mechanism to send out your message widely and get people to react to it in a very rapid pace but, on the other hand, what is more, important is, to be able to analyse your audience’s reaction and measure their engagement on the messages. All these measurements are available the market and are highly welcomed by organizations in various fields and industry.

Organization: AT Internet
Industry: Web Analytics, Market Research, Online Optimization and Web Marketing Services
Name of Organization Contact: Mathieu Llorens, CEO

Authored by: Sadaf Pashandi

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