It’s all about the Information – Who has your Information and Where is it going next?

SADAF    March 27, 2017

If you think of the actual use of social media, you immediately realize that it is all about sharing information.

We always exchange information with the outside world, within a circle of our friends, with our colleagues at the workplace even we exchange information in a format of opinions with strangers in social media platforms.

In big enterprises which generating revenue is the primary goal, sharing knowledge among the private workforce is vital as most of the non-standard services to the clients relies on the quality of the teamwork and is dependent on how well the team can put together a package or a solution for the customer. As you know, time plays a huge role in here, and as we all know in the business world, the actual currency is not money but time.

According to a study done by IDC, knowledge workers spent 16% of their time or in other words 42 days per year searching for information to do their jobs.

In most of the organizations, the information is locked in a variety of platforms such as Drop box, Outlook, Lotus Notes, Sales force and the list goes on and on. Apparently looking to find the relevant information in each one of these platforms could be time wasting and frustrating for someone who is desperately looking for one piece of information to respond to a customer or share it with the other colleagues of his/her.

Brainspace a machine learning platform that makes dreams come true by offering an outstanding analytic service to large organizations to help with knowledge management hassles.A machine learning platform that becomes smarter, providing more relevant results, based on the search history of all users. In the same way, we have cookies when navigating on the Internet.

BrainSpace learns based on search behavior; it also suggests additional phrases help the user to narrow or widen the search focus, which helps organizations to boost their efficiency and better serve their customers as a result of integrating of an intelligent platform.

In brief, Brain space helps to break silos in organizations where information is locked in silos by limited functions within the company; it also enhances the quality of collaboration as a result of sharing information. The other advantage of using this tool for multinational organizations, where people have a hard time finding right resources to get projects done, this tool can facilitate some complicated processes and eliminate unnecessary Email threads to find the subject matter expert to discuss the topic.

Lessons for Others

Liz Wiseman an American executive adviser, explained the importance of knowledge management and social media in one sentence which is quite inspiring

“A critical asset in today’s business world is not what you knowbut how to access what others know.”

We may not know how the social media will look like in future but, what we may speculate for sure is that it will offer more advantages to all of us, transferring information in much faster pace and in an environment that is highly accessible to all the people around the world.

Organization: BrainSpace
Industry: Investigative Analytics and System Solutions
Name of Organization Contact: Dave Copps , CEO

Authored by: Sadaf Pashandi

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