Is Social Media Victoria’s Secret ?

rbuonomo    March 21, 2017

Victoria’s Secret is a brand known around the world for it’s glamours images of it’s elusive Angels creating a goal that many aspire to.  In the fast paced world of today the excitement of receiving their catalogue in the mail has been replaced by a few easy clicks to  order a little piece of the magic.  Though this provides quick and easy access to the customer,  the company has been faced with the question of how to reinvent that same excitement in today’s world?  Enter social media.



Victoria’s Secret is a notable fashion industry leader. Founded in 1977 the company has achieved notable success in it’s ability to utilize effective marketing campaigns to connect the consumer to not only the product but also the brand and the overall image of the company.


Victoria’s Secret’s social media presence is a marketing campaign unto itself. Using a variety of platforms including Tumbler , Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat the organization has connected with the consumer providing them an inside look behind fashion shows, upcoming promotions as well and the cast list for the upcoming Angels.  What this provides to the consumer is direct access to the brand, an opportunity to feel connected as well as an and enhanced sense of loyalty.  The ability for the consumer to comment, share and like this content is liberating as it creates a community who’s exclusive membership costs no more than a bottle of body spray or this years sweat pants.

This authentic representation of the brand is an instant opportunity for the organization to not only enhance it’s customer service by reading and replying to feedback and comments but also to legitimize the brand with it’s volume of followers and the conversation it creates within social circles.  The marketing campaigns themselves become a form of entertainment with followers eagerly awaiting the brands latest posts.

Victoria’s Secret also uses includes Social Media into it’s marketing campaigns to announce collaborations with institutions of higher learning as well as notable sports franchises.  This allows the organization to legitimize their presence within the fashion world with not only their own group of loyal followers but also that of the team or school that they design apparel for.

In speaking with a former Category Manager with the brand Karen Harris I had the chance to ask her what her thoughts were on the brands overarching social media strategy.  “The primary goal of Victoria’s Secret social media marketing strategy is to build brand identity in focused market localities. Victoria’s Secret produces market specific products licensing local sports franchises or institutional identities, these products are the primary content driver for posts that target potential customers in the relevant media market.”



Lessons for Others

Many organizations regardless of their industry can learn from the example that Victoria’s Secret sets.  The strategy is simple.  Use social media to connect with the customers in a way that creates a buzz and excitement about the brand in a consistent manor that legitimizes it at the same time.  Pair this with partnerships within local markets with well established organizations and teams and you have a winning combination of style and substance that will leave consumers wanting more.

Organization: Victoria's Secret
Industry: Fashion
Name of Organization Contact: Jessica Rajkumar

Authored by: Robyn Buonomo

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