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Byron Mellon    March 6, 2017

The supply chain plays a pivotal role in the overall success of an organization, but even more so in the fresh food sector. Restaurants and other food related operations are always looking at ways to cut costs and maximize profits in the most effective and efficient methods possible. Whether it be healthcare, restaurant chains or even small mom and pop type restaurants, GFS understands that managing all those moving parts can be an overwhelming aspect of doing business.

GFS is the largest family operated distributor in North America that has been running for over 115 years and services restaurants, universities, healthcare and a variety of other foodservice operations. Logistics and supply chain challenges have been at the core of the GFS company fabric since it’s establishment in 1897, but being able to manage the supply chain and its intricacies in 2017 is a different dynamic entirely. In addressing this fundamental concern, GFS developed “GFS Connect” with the goal of providing the customer total traceability and accountability anywhere, anytime in an easy and convenient way:

“GFS Connect Mobile is the companion application to GFS Connect, offering you access to the same information on a mobile device. This one-of-a-kind tool lets you run your business on the go, anytime, anywhere. It’s the first and only mobile application available to food service operators throughout Canada – and it’s easy and convenient to use.”- GFS Canada Website

Benefits of GFS Connect & GFS Connect Mobile:

Reporting-Costing, inventory statistics, usage, yield, recipe development.

Real-time pricing-Up to date market pricing and costing that will allow customers to forecast, budget and project numbers.

Real-time inventory-Stock levels, availability, product shortages, replenishing.

Delivery tracking-Estimated arrivals, order status, temperature breaches.

Product Ordering-Access to ordering on the fly anytime, anywhere through mobile applications.

 Serena Lim-Multi Unit Account Manager says “ That being able to provide traceability and accuracy to the customer across all levels of the supply chain is key. It allows us as an organization to play an important role in helping restaurant owners maximize their profits and efficiency as a business. From the time the product enters and departs our warehouses, everything is accounted for in the supply chain. 

GFS Connect Mobile allows business owners to focus more on the core of their business and less time on the managing of order histories, pricing sheets, inventory levels and cost of goods reports. By integrating all the aspects of the supply chain, this allows for significant cost savings in areas of time management, administrative and inventory replenishment. I believe that GFS has hit on a few key notes here. Not only have they strengthened the connectivity and efficiency of the supply chain , but they also strengthened the relationship between themselves and the customer by creating a transparent business environment. Customers can take an active role and be involved at every level of the supply chain process through social media. Everything from ETA timelines, logistical costs, to product ordering history and pricing is measured to provide the customer all the data they need to succeed.

Lessons for Others

Social networking continues to play an important role in the business world. In my opinion this trend will continue as innovations in areas of reporting, logistics, tracking and automation technologies are emerging at a high rate. Being able to develop and adapt new procedures to optimize and maximize the efficiency within your organization as it relates to the supply chain is essential to doing business successfully in the future. Staying in tune with emerging social media technologies in the supply chain management field will allow you bridge the gap between your organization and the end user.

Organization: Gordon Food Service
Industry: Food Service
Name of Organization Contact: Serena Lim, Multi Unit Account Manager

Authored by: Byron Mellon

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