Edson and Social Media Make The Perfect Package

rbuonomo    March 27, 2017

Custom solutions are the cornerstone of the manufacturing world.  Seeing a problem and creating a unique solution is an endeavor that takes engineering, creativity leadership and most importantly collaboration.  As we move rapidly into the future, organizations are faced with the opportunity to harness one of the biggest opportunities to break down silos and bring people together by embracing social media.



Collaboration plays an important role in world of custom manufacturing.  From the sales person who identifies the need to the Engineering Department who designs the solution to the Skilled Trades workers who make the project come to life.  Without the ability to collaborate these departments not only fail to communicate, ultimately they will also fail to deliver.

Each department plays it’s own individual role yet relies on the other to not only deliver but also to provide feedback.  In the case of custom manufacturing though drawings might be designed by an Engineer the skilled Machine Builder might look at things from a different perspective and be able to identify issues or inefficiencies as they are working hands on with the product.  The same goes with the relationship between the sales person and the install crew.  If there are issues at the time of installation of a new piece of equipment it is always a good idea to reach out to the person who identified the issue in the first place.


This fluidity in communication also aids an organization to ensure that workload is not duplicated.  With all departments communicating with one another on a more transparent level they are able to ensure that they are not duplicating the efforts of their colleagues.


With the future of social media organizations are able to bring their departments together by utilizing applications that connect people in a way that an email can’t.  Use of apps like Face time,  Google Hangouts and Skype allow people to easily connect with one another weather they are at a desk in front of a computer or in the field using a smart phone.  This allows teams to fully understand frustrations that they may be facing as well as see the finished product and celebrate.


I had the chance to speak with Chris Bladek Marketing Specialist for Edson Packaging Machinery who manufacture custom designed packaging equipment.  Edson performs intricate installations on an international scope and rely heavily on the collaboration of each departments talent to ensure a quality product is delivered and often installed for the client.  Chris is open to embracing the solutions that Social Media will bring to the buisness “We can see social media playing a larger role within our organization to increase the speed of communication and provide live video  to resolve issues faster. Using live video, we can monitor machines in real-time and be able to reduce miscommunication when trying to troubleshoot any complications.”


I also had the chance to speak with Jovana Obradovic who as a Resource Manager with Randstad Canada specializes in the placement of Skilled Workers for her thoughts on how the future  of social media will effect organizations similar to Edson Packaging

Lessons for Others

By embracing the future of Social Media organizations will not only create better communication throughout their own organization but also a synergy  between departments.  It is their chance to not only embrace the future but also to allow every department the chance to feel involved in a project from start to finish.  This will help an employee to feel a sense of pride and completion when they see how their work , what they hand their hands on effects the final product which will then in turn  increase engagement.

Organization: Edson Packaging
Industry: Manufacturing
Name of Organization Contact: Chris Bladek , Marketing

Authored by: Robyn Buonomo

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