Titika Sizes Up Social Media

rbuonomo    February 27, 2017

We have all stood in front of the closet thinking that you had nothing to wear.  Wishing that someone would design clothes that worked with your lifestyle and listened to what you needed. With Titika couture those thoughts are just a hashtag away from becoming a reality.

Titika has taken the fashion industry by storm adding some serious competition to the ever growing luxury active wear market.  Born in Toronto, Ontario Titika is owned by Eileen Zhang graduate of the prestigious George Brown college Fashion program. Eileen uncovered a need for not just Canadian women but also the international market for “functional, flirty and fashionable” active wear.  Picture a pair of pants that can take you from Zumba class to brunch. #goals

Where Titika has really honed their edge is by harnessing Social Media to solicit honest, relevant feedback directly from the consumer.  By joining their #fitsquad members receive perks including the ability to log directly onto the company website and show off their favorite Titika pieces in real life photos and share direct feedback.  The result is real life feedback for the consumer as well as the opportunity to listen directly to the target market as to what their wants and needs are.

A perfect example of this was when Susan Bosley was searching for the perfect thin strapped tank.  The result of her feedback was the Susan Tank a top designed to meet her feedback.

I had the pleasure of connecting with Brittany Asquith Jr. Designer from Titika and asked her how she feels that the brand benefits from this direct partnership with the consumer to help them in developing and enhancing their product.  Brittany was happy to share thoughts on how this impacts their success ” social media definitely aids and influences the overall development of our product. We have always prided ourselves on having a close connection with our customers. We value their feedback and hearing their wants and needs helps make sure we are giving them the right product. We actually own our own production facility. This gives us a unique advantage to not only make sure we provide the best quality but this gives us the ability to meet their demands faster. At a quick glance customers can see our products posted through our social outlets and not only spread the word of our brand by sharing and tagging friends but they respond to our posts and give us feedback or ideas. They will let us know what they wish we had more of or even less of and that type information is all so important to our overall design. I also think for us our customers realize that their voices and opinions are being heard and the fact we can react to that quickly is really fantastic.”

Lessons for Others

What others can learn from this is that listening to the consumer will never go out style.  By building a tight knit relationship and providing a forum where the consumer can freely share  their thoughts on improvements along with love for the brand Titika stays dialed in to what is relevant to their consumer.  Where Titika stands out from the crowd is that they apply the feedback and the customers see the result. Nothing could be more rewarding then purchasing a garment that was designed from your feedback.   The brand loyalty that this  develops is a priceless commodity in today’s marketplace.

Organization: Titika
Industry: Fashion
Name of Organization Contact: Brittany

Authored by: Robyn Buonomo

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