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donnadasilva12@gmail.com    February 13, 2017

LinkedIn is the world’s largest and most disruptive professional network with over 467 million members in over 200 countries and territories. When I tell people I work at LinkedIn, one of the most popular questions I receive is whether our environment is like Google… then I get asked whether we’re hiring. (The answer to both questions, I would say, is yes.) We are a dynamic company that is fiercely proud of our culture. One of the easiest ways for us to show who we are – beyond the company that sends out connection requests – is by using our hashtag #linkedinlife. Created in early 2015, #linkedinlife has moved beyond LinkedIn into other social platforms, and is being used by employees all over the world to demonstrate the breadth of our culture and our humanity beyond the work we do.



At LinkedIn, we are a work family of over 10,000 strong in 30 countries worldwide. We have teams that work across countries and across borders.  Sometimes, we only see our team members sporadically in real life. But no matter where we are, we share the same passion for success and our offices work in tandem to provide a scaled, yet culturally unique experience.  #Linkedinlife allows us to virtually walk down the halls of our global offices and learn what other offices are serving for lunches. It allows us to understand our new hire experience more fully.  We can be moved at how Bring In Your Parents Day (#BIYP) has made an impact all around the world. At the same time that other people are learning about our company’s diverse warmth, we have the chance to see how our colleagues are living around the world. Not only are we showing the world who we are, we are learning more about each other. Sure, #linkedinlife provides glimpses into what it is like to work at LinkedIn, but most importantly, it allows us to connect. And that closeness helps us to transcend office locations and digital meetings. By virtue of employee engagement, we can feel a closeness that we ordinarily wouldn’t have. The hashtag bonds us as a powerful and mighty global squad, driven to protect and share our culture. We want people to get to know us through our day-to-day adventures and we continue to be motivated to share our experiences.

Lessons for Others

Before LinkedIn, I was a recruiter, and day after day, I would serve as a professional matchmaker between prospect and employer.  Beyond the job description, one of the most popular questions, no matter the candidate, revolved around what wasn’t in the job description: company culture. What does the organization value? Where do their priorities lie? What does work-life harmony truly look like for that organization? I would coach my candidates to look the company up on line, check out their website, even Google what others are saying about them. These days, more and more people are turning to social media as their source of truth; motivate your employees to share stories through a hashtag. Empower them to connect with potential talent and each other. Encourage your employees to promote your culture. Use your hashtag to create a passionate culture squad! For us at LinkedIn, culture isn’t a buzz word: it’s #linkedinlife.




Organization: LinkedIn Corporation
Industry: Social Media
Name of Organization Contact: Donna Alexander, InStruct Program Manager

Authored by: Donna Alexander

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