Galaxy Note 7 Discontinued!!- How SAMSUNG will regain the trust of its customer?

SADAF    February 20, 2017

Living in a era of technology and connected devices , we all know the importance of being connected to the outside world through our electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets and etc, as necessary as it seems , this need increases the degree of reliability and dependency of most of us on our smartphones even for very basic stuff; navigating yourself to get to your desired destination, getting access to meal recipes, learning new workout moves and the list goes on.

It is incredible how technology changes people’s habit over the years.It was not even 30 years ago when the first generation of handheld devices got into the consumer’s market with essential features, solely designed to make telephone contacts, whereas the latest generations will bring more and more mind boggling features at our fingertips.

Speaking of mobile technology evolution, Samsung and Apple are by far the best in class quality mobile manufacture leaders in the world’s marketplace, two biggest competitors which are always introducing top-notch products to the market since the 1990s’.

Not that I am not a tech person but, due to some personal reasons I was not able to follow the news for some time.On October 9th, 2016 on a plane sit after boarding on an aircraft, heading to my home country visiting family and friends, I realized the flight attendant was repeatedly reminding passengers to provide the cabin crews with their SAMSUNG GALAXY Note 7 mobile phones in case of possession. Before the plane departed from YYZ, i swiftly read through some random articles which popped out as a result of my “Samsung Galaxy Note 7 ” Google search, mainly recalling these devices due to the battery issue which in some cases led to explosions.


As a person who works in electrical industry business and familiar with the procedures, I knew the consequence of such incidents for customers and bigger for the manufacturing company.

undoubtedly Samsung brand reputation tarnished as a result of this fiasco but, on the other hand, this could be forgotten relatively quick by the successful launch of S8 series as forecasted by John Kang from Forbes.

Social Media in the meantime is an incredible and powerful medium for communication for Samsung group to engage with its customer and regain their trust by eliciting the root causes of this incident and share the findings with its followers as they recently released some videos explaining the reasoning behind these explosions.

Lessons for Others

Although in the recent year’s news broadcasting in the form of television and radio has itsĀ  followers but, news reporting in a format of social media through the internet is more influential as the number of people having access to the web is significantly increasing which leads to follow the news more on web platforms through different social media channels.

On the other hand on social media platforms, readers can send back their feedback and comment on the news which gives the press origin a sense of people’s opinion on the disclosed subject.Who knows how the future of communication looks like?


Organization: Samsung Group
Industry: Consumer electronics Semiconductors Home appliances
Name of Organization Contact: Lee Byung-chul, Founder of Samsung Group

Authored by: Sadaf Pashandi

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