Change or Get Left Behind

CareyBrooks    February 13, 2017

Not long ago, company picnics, water cooler talk, bulletin boards and office memos were the biggest tools in a company’s “employee engagement toolbox”.  Although business information eventually made it to every ear in the company, it’s dissemination was slow and arduous.

Flash forward to today, where information is in your hands micro-seconds after it is made public by company heads, management and team leaders.  As a result, companies have been forced to jump into the digital era or risk losing the opportunity to rally their employees and make them feel, not only part of the team, but part of the business family.

According to Sydney Goodfellow, the Marketing Manager at Hazel, “Engaged employees will become even more engaged through social media, and they’ll help you spread the word of your business in the process”.  Recognizing that social media is becoming the best way to reach employees, The Delivery Guys Inc., a growing courier company based in Waterloo, Windsor and St-Catharines, has just launched their first social media campaign driven by their employees: #DGuysPlacesWeGo.

The Delivery Guys Inc., founded in 1999, was a locally based company for 17 years before expanding into two new locations in 2016.  Branches in both, Windsor and St-Catharines were added in the last year, thus expanding not only the geography of the company, but also it’s employee base.  The creation of the new social media campaign’s purpose was twofold:

  • First, it was a way to show the world everything The Delivery Guys Inc. was doing.  Being new to social media platforms, the company was looking for a way to introduce themselves to the social media world.
  • Secondly, by having the drivers look for unique picture opportunities while out on their routes, it got them involved in the fun and gave the 3 locations a combined goal, thus connecting the company family, regardless of their new geographical distance from each other.

Although The Delivery Guys Inc. are relatively new to using social media, they have embraced the opportunity for change and are jumping in with both feet.  They have recently added Instagram and Linked In to their existing social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter) and will be looking to use those tools even more in the future for not only company promotion, but also employee engagement.

Lessons for Others

Social media becomes an even more important tool for employee engagement when companies have multiple locations.  Whether a small company, just beginning to expand into new markets, or an already established company with branches all over the province, country or world, social media is the way to connect everyone.  Finding the right fit for your company, one that gets everyone engaged and excited, is important.  When you find it, run with it!  Use it to make everyone in the company feel like they are part of the same team, regardless of their location.

Organization: The Delivery Guys Inc.
Industry: Delivery/Courier
Name of Organization Contact: Carey Brooks, Social Media Manager

Authored by: C. Brooks

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