Beachbody Gives Social Media A Workout

rbuonomo    February 21, 2017

To be motivated and inspired.  That’s all anyone wants when they start a new fitness journey.  Often times this can be the biggest struggle of them all. Beachbody has created a winning formula of pairing accessible fitness, nutrition plans and supplements. Complimented by  social media inspiration and accountability that not only engages the customer but also empowers the customer to engage others.

Beachbody is the online powerhouse that has brought to your home award winning workouts and well known brands like the P90 series, Turbo Abs , The 21day Fix and Shakeology.  Started in 1998 with the belief that that the focus should be on progress not perfection.  Founders Carl Daikeler and John Congdon continue to live by this philosophy by sharing their own story on social media .  Today with their community of 350,000 the idea is that you will “never be alone ” in your journey due to the company support.


The company is able the ensure that you will never be alone during your journey by pairing the customer with a Beachbody coach when you join.  The Beachbody coach is able to share with you their own success through social media, record workouts , host accountability sessions and one on ones through various forms of social media.

The organization even posts it’s own Do and Don’t for sharing on social media to ensure that end result is not only motivating and inspiring but also in line withe the company expectations

What this is creating is a a buzz throughout the internet of a fitness plan that is credible and reliable. Maria Buonomo a  Beachbody coach in Calagary Alberta uses Social Media regularly to hold herself accountable , maintain transparency for those on her team and overall provide inspiration.  I had the chance to ask her for her thoughts on how she feels that Beachbody uses Social Media to connect the consumer to the brand:  “I believe that Social Media is a fundamental component in connecting the customer to the Beachbody mission. The goal of helping people to live their best life, their healthiest life is connected to healthy mind and body. As a coach, I use social media to share my story and message of health and wellness through public and private Facebook posts. Most of what connects the customer is what happens in private accountability groups. Each group is comprised of people who are hoping to gain support, encouragement, learn some health and fitness tips and stay connected to others who are on the same journey. These private groups have created trusting friendships and avenues for many of my challengers (and now friends) to find success and support. Through private pages, discussion feeds and even live streams, we are able to stay connected and help people find success in their own health and wellness journey. It allows everyone to feel part of a community, that they might not otherwise have access to.”




Lessons for Others

Beachbody is leading the industry by connecting directly with the customer.   Most Beachbody coaches started by joining the program at one time found their own success and then inspired others.  In a sense it continues to fuel itself.

Where the success has truly been achieved is by harnessing the power of social media to connect with the customer in the same setting where they can do the workouts.  Their own home.  This again brings the entire plan full circle and cuts out the middle man,  the dreaded trip to the gym.  Essentially, the simple immediate experience that is portrayed in their social media sets the tone, for their products as well as an authentic representation of the results.

Other brands can learn from the simplicity within the transparency.  It is so effective it has made something that many dread ( working out ) go viral.

Organization: BeachBody
Industry: Fitness
Name of Organization Contact: Maria Buonomo. Coach

Authored by: Robyn

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