Zoco Body Pro: How Social Media Can Take a Small Brand Global

jamie_hilts    November 22, 2016

When actor Chris Hemsworth is not on screen swinging Thor’s hammer, you can usually find him in the gym crushing a weight training workout with Luke Zocchi of Zoco Body Pro. Hemsworth uses Zocchi’s expertise to get in shape for major movie roles, but Zoco Body Pro’s target market is the regular joe. Having A-list clients was enough to attract viewers to the company’s social media, but they have stayed for the incredible content.

Zoco body pro has used their social media presence to create a new avenue for a business that started as a personal training, and while they still do that, their new market is global. When training local clients, Luke prefers hands on training.

Some people like to be yelled at, that old-school, drill sergeant approach, but I normally train alongside the people I work with and that’s how I like to do it.

This strategy is excellent for customers lucky enough to live near Zoco Body Pro, but the company has made a move on social media that will also help potential customers that can’t travel to “The Iron Temple”. They have recently launched a program called Twenty40 training that allows anyone on Earth to try the same workout regimen that has produced world famous results. This is an online venture that provides customers with step by step instructions on how to sculpt their goal physique, as well as giving nutrition tips to help fuel the new body. Zoco Body Pro uses many aspects of social media effectively to run their organization, and this new program will help spread their fitness message world wide.

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Zoco Body Pro started as a small personal training business, and grew into a global training movement. People saw Chris Hemsworth’s amazing fitness transformation, and began to search for the secret to it online. This is how many people discovered the Zoco Body Pro pages. The company’s social media home is Instagram where they have developed an extremely popular fitness page. The page is devoted to providing the followers with easy healthy meals, as well as suggesting quick daily workouts. While customers may come looking for the quick secret to Thor-like gains, they will stay when they see the quality and efficiency of Zoco Body Pro’s plans. While fitness and diet tips can be boring, Zoco Body Pro uses humour effectively to capture eyes. Watching any of Luke Zocchi’s diet tips will not only enhance the average person’s diet, it will also enhance their mood. The company’s cooking videos are sure to get a laugh out of even the most stone-faced humans. Any company has access to a massive group of people searching the web for niches that interest them, and it is up to that company to capture their attention. Letting an organizations personality show is a great way to endear customers into following that brand.

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The free advice that Zoco Body Pro provides is very likely to turn viewers into customers. Using the same principle of free samples that grocery stores use to sell products, Zoco Body Pro tries to sell its own service. Customers know the quality of the service long before they enter their credit card information and if they enjoy it are likely to dive into a training program. Once Zoco Body Pro has captured follower attention with fantastic free advice, the business tries to funnel people to its new system. Twenty40 training was designed by Zoco Body Pro to be used by people globally.

i have created the Twenty40 body plan which is a workout program that can be done from the comfort of your own home with minimal equipment. It is a 12 week program teaching you how to incorporate a fit and healthy lifestyle that can be adapted to your everyday living. The plan brings together a nutritional guideline that is easy to follow and sustainable.


Fitness experts won’t necessarily need the training that Zoco Body Pro provides, and that is why he directed the program at average people without any knowledge. The program is directly designed to benefit the viewers of his social media, who need frequent workout and diet tips. The program allows takes the benefit of his Instagram page to the next level, and provides serious value to customers.

Zoco Body Pro knew early that he wanted to develop the Twenty40 program, but needed to capture his audiences attention. He created an Instagram post that encouraged customers to enter their email in a queue to keep them updated on the progress of his site. This kept his customers engaged during the time that the site was in development. Once everything was ready to go, the company sent an email out encouraging people to view his new system. The email came with a discount code for the loyal followers who were more tuned in long before the original launch. This technique shows Zoco Body Pro’s ability to connect all their social media platforms, and drive traffic to money making endeavours.

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Lessons for Others

Active social media can turn a small business into a global one. Zoco Body Pro started as a small personal training business in Australia and has morphed into a fitness powerhouse that helps thousands worldwide. Using social media to post a company’s triumphs, no matter how small, can help to get a business noticed. Truly world-class entrepreneurs can be discovered by posting quality.

While not every business will use social media to become a global brand, organizations can take note of Zoco Body Pro’s use of free content. The free workouts and diet ideas that the company provides on Social Media have attracted many new customers to the business. Giving potential customers a sample of what they will receive for will encourage them to purchase a product.

Lastly organizations can look to Zoco Body Pro to model a social media launch on. Using a mailing list to keep interested customers informed serves a few purposes. It allows the company to gauge the interest in a product before investing, allows the customer to be engaged with useful emails, and gives the company a chance to provide loyal followers with deals that the general public will not receive.


Organization: Zoco Body Pro
Industry: Fitness
Name of Organization Contact: Luke Zocchi, Dylan Sales

Authored by: Jamie Hilts

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