JustSaiyan Clothing Goes Next Level By Listening To Their Fans

jamie_hilts    November 1, 2016

JustSaiyan Clothing is a company that specializes in manufacturing apparel that allows you to slip into the costume of your favourite cartoon characters. Catering to children and nostalgic adults, JustSaiyan features designs from popular television shows such as Dragon Ball Z, One Punch Man, and Naruto. JustSaiyan has built their entire business with the help of social media, and does not advertise traditionally. Active Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter pages allow the company to stay up to date on the opinions of its consumers, and Justsaiyan takes full advantage of their active fan base. Studying social media gives JustSaiyan great insight on how to improve their products, and more effectively market their gear.

JustSaiyan studies their fan base to learn what products would be popular before they invest in developing them. The company frequently runs polls on their website, and uses their social media presence to funnel people there. The company will post an idea that they have and through monitoring the data that comes in, will determine if the product is viable. The company has used these polls to grow their business from a simple Dragon Ball Z t-shirt manufacturer, to an athletic apparel company specializing in many different licences. They found through polls and comments that customers wanted more variety in characters, so they added a full range of different characters from different television programs. Next they learned that customers would enjoy different products, like fight shorts and leggings. The company responded by adding the most popular products according to their data. When contacted, JustSaiyan CEO Mark was quick to comment about their commitment to their customer’s desires.

JustSaiyan is only here for one reason, that is to make dreams a reality – to do this we run a full customer driven business model. We use many tools to know what the squad needs and we make it happen using all the magic we own.
In this day and age, there are so many social sites. you need to know where your market is and go there, everyone has their favourite apps and to stay relevant in society the creative is the cost of entry (sic). It is all about attention, but we do not do it for sales, we do it for branding – we are all about the depth of our relationships with our customers and not about many individual single transactions.

The data gathered through social media lets JustSaiyan respond to customer demands quickly, but they also have a strategy that allows them to test out products easier than a normal organization

JustSaiyan does not carry any stock of their products. By not having stock they can offer products that fans want, that may not be as popular. The downside of this practice is that products take longer to get to the consumer after an order is purchased. The products are handmade, and started as soon as order is processed, but the manufacturing can take up to 20 days. Through their social media reach, JustSaiyan learned that most customers were content to wait a little longer for a higher quality product, but were unhappy with the slow shipping times on top of the wait. JustSaiyan read the data, and began to devise a solution. They began to offer an express shipping service for a fee, as well a slower option that they offered for a cheap price. This kept two factions of their customers happy. Customers who wanted their product as soon as possible could easily get them, and customers who were content to wait received a lower than average shipping cost.

Studying metrics is crucial in how JustSaiyan markets their products. The company maximizes the amount of views that a post will have by using their customers as their models. JustSaiyan frequently receives media depicting customers using their gear, and rather than ignoring the interaction, JustSaiyan will put a watermark on the image and share it with their followers. Putting the customer in the spotlight will make that person more likely to share the picture with their network, and increase the reach of it. This is targeted lead growth. Friends of featured customers will be much more likely to interact with the company and visit the various sites. The network of a featured customer likely share the same interests, and will put more trust in the product. This is word of mouth advertisement and it has been shown to be one of the most effective marketing tools. None of this would be possible if JustSaiyan did not feature their fans in advertising. The company does this because it is good for business, but they also enjoy showcasing their customers stories. The company loves to hear about the joy people experience when using the new products.

Our posts are only to represent the squad going nextlevel (sic) – we are super proud of the gear we make and how it literally changes people’s lives positively, so we love to celebrate everyone who is rocking our gear.

Lessons for Others

JustSaiyan is proof that a company can shoot to the top of their niche, with effective use of social media. Through polls, and monitoring traffic, JustSaiyan has been able to take their products, and marketing to the next level. Other companies should note that by effectively reading data, they will create a more engaged audience that will be more likely to buy in the future. Companies can try to anticipate what will be popular, but by studying the information that is provided through social networks, the organization will be able to grow more effectively. Companies should look to JustSaiyan to learn how to develop products, and more importantly market them to their followers. Mark from JustSaiyan had this advice for social media use online.

Social media is just “the internet” these days. It’s not segregated into parts. The internet is a powerful tool that lowers the cost of entry into many markets for “shopfront” stores. There is still ALOT of work that goes into infrastructure if you are making tangible goods however.
These channels all have different engagement types and advantages and disadvantages, today it might be Instagram and SnapChat  – tomorrow it might be something else. JustSaiyan is agnostic to social and technology we go “all in” on stuff to test and learn to see how it works, once we have reached the max capability and there is no way forward with it we move onto the next one.
This is a solid lesson to companies to stay current with the latest form of social media. It does not matter how savvy a company is with a medium if the platform is not being used by consumers.

Organization: JustSaiyan Apparel
Industry: Online Retail
Name of Organization Contact: Mark Norman

Authored by: Jamie Hilts

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