Going Social with Social Media Marketing Strategies

lauragirdler    November 21, 2016

Going Social is a business with a team of professional social media marketers who focus on creating strategic marketing plans for small to medium businesses. The group consists of a social media analyst, account managers, community managers, LinkedIn marketing expert, and graphic designers. Their goal is to “socially” create a reputation for businesses. They offer social media marketing campaign planning, community management, campaign reporting, social media consulting, as well as training and seminars.

Going Social’s Social Media Audit works to provide the following information to businesses- improved clarity of your precise goals for social media marketing, evaluation and recommendations on the most suitable platform to reach your ideal customer, S.W.O.T analysis of your website, understanding how to measure and increase Social Media ROI, a roadmap for success to increase quantity of leads and improve quality of leads, proven strategies to foster better engagement and attract more referrals.

Their social media marketing feature works to help businesses over come challenges like not know where to start to how to effectively grow leads, drive web traffic, explained market reach and convert more sales faster. It is meant for people who don’t have time or resources to manage their social media, aren’t social media experts, and can’t keep up with the constant changes and evolutions of platforms. They are certified social media experts with a proven track record for business growth.

The company also specializes in both Facebook marketing and ad management. The marketing program includes complete Facebook page setup and planning, monthly marketing and account management, and monthly consultations with a Facebook marketing advisor. Their ad management includes selecting the optimal ad type for maximum performance, crafting your ad message, selecting the right target audience, and decipher you analytics to show you what is working and provide recommendations for ad improvements. As part of their ad management plan individuals receive an initial consultation with a Social Media Strategist, complete Facebook ad set up including deployment schedule, creation of up to 24 graphic images ( 2x per month) with a min 5 ad options per month, and the creation of up to 24 call-to-actions.

Going Social takes a lot of pride in the work they have done for their clients through their social media marketing consultations and training. They have worked with many businesses both in one-on-one or small group training and consulting sessions to help them improve the results they are achieving from their social marketing efforts. They customize their training and coaching around their clients specific needs.

With such a strong business platform and certified professionals Going Social has helped many businesses such as Woodys, Chili’s, Global Watch, Change4Good Muskoka Outfitters and many more!

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“Going Social have been instrumental in developing my social media presence and helping me understand all the details of how it all works. In addition Lowell manages my website and assists with all aspects of that. His team has been an absolute pleasure to deal and have always delivered everything promised. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing do develop a website and social media campaign.”

Lauren Jawno, Author, Change4Good.

The business also has a blog where they post articles to help individuals looking for some tips for their own social media. Some of their topics include How to Get Your Business Noticed on Instagram, Top FREE Image Libraries, Ask The Expert- How To Use Hashtags And @Mentions, etc.

Lessons for Others

Going Social shows those going into the field of social media marketing how crucial it is to cover all aspects of the subject. Rather than having one or two people who have training in all aspects this business has a staff of nine creative minds who can provide information and come up with new and creative ways for businesses to market themselves online.

Organization: Going Social
Industry: Social Media Marketing
Name of Organization Contact: Lowell Brown, CEO

Authored by: Laura Girdler

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