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BmanLi    November 7, 2016

It is the year 2016, the digital age is in full swing. Businesses are not able to run marketing campaigns, and advertisement the same anymore. The internet has changed the world of business and how people communicate drastically.  In the centre of all this change, Esports companies such as “Blizzard” have been in the forefront of using the internet as a form of marketing. Blizzard is an excellent example of a company that has been using social media to market. It has improved their customer service, increase brand awareness and helped distribute content.

As you may know, social media has now become the main platform of advertisements to increase sales, improve customer service, increase brand awareness, legitimize a brand and distribute content. Based off the benefits of social media from:

“The goals of social media marketing can’t be just to gain likes, fans, and retweets. These thigns are not ends, but means to an end. Social Media marketing is far more than an online popularity contest and the better business owners understand that”

(Roesler, 2014)

5 benefits of Social Media Business owners need to understand

1. Increase brand awareness

2. Legitimize a brand

3. Increase Sales

4. Improve Customer service

5. Distribute Content

As the image below will demonstrate an example of Blizzard using social media to increase their sales, improve their customer service, increase brand awareness and ultimately distribute content.  Blizzard does an amazing job as an Esports company to engage with their customers through twitter as much as they can. They do things such as; promotions with their followers, answer customer questions, give away contests, even offer discounts or free “skins” by doing a few things. Usually for any contests it will require people to share their “tweets” with their friends which will increase brand awareness or even the contest itself.

A few things that is extremely important and done well by Blizzard is how they connect with their customers.  They understand what their target market is, and they also know people will pay money for something that is limited edition. Their twitter has been primarily used to spread news, such as “patch updates” or “server statuses”. Blizzard is one of the businesses that understands the importance of being transparent about their products (games). To be able to provide live updates and news to their customer, it has resolved a lot of customer complaints. At the end of the day it helps them save time, since they don’t have to be answer a lot of questions about the status of a certain product. Instead everything can be viewed through their twitter account.


Lessons for Others


Social Media marketing can be done in so many different ways, the most important thing is to make sure that the social media platforms are able to connect with the customers. As long as you are able to connect with the customers, it creates loyalty which leads to brand awareness, and sales. For any business owners, or consumers that are curious about how to use social media as a marketing tool attached here is Blizzard’s twitter account which they do a miraculous job on keeping the public informed.


Organization: Blizzard Entertainment
Industry: E-sports
Name of Organization Contact: Blizzard Entertainment

Authored by: Brian

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