Gardner Dental Group Takes A Bite Into Social Media

Carina Fato    October 2, 2016

Going to the dentist for most of us can be a stressful visit and many patients suffer from anxiety before going to the dentist.  At a visit to Gardner Dental Group (Burlington, Ontario) they do their best to make the patient visit a relaxing and enjoyable experience. From the moment you step into their office you are greeted with a friendly smile in a modern environment. You have the choice of three waiting areas; a quiet reading room, a TV room or an arcade room that actually includes retro video games!  This made me think …the patients are likely at peace in this setting…but how does the practice maintain the morale and engagement of the employees?

I love all forms of social media. Instagram is now my favorite. Definitely it is hugely important for anyone in business. In medical practices, although not as commonly used, social media has an equal impact. Whether you’re engaging internally among staff or use it to share your corporate culture with clients – it’s important. ” – Dr.Bruce Gardner,D.D.S.

The Gardner Dental Group uses social media Facebook and Instagram to connect their staff by sharing images of staff events to notes of congratulations on family life events.  Since launching their social media accounts internally they have found a new and fun excitement among their staff. Some staff members do not work everyday and by staying in-touch through the posts they feel that they do not feel left out or have missed any news from their team. It helps keep them connected.
At the same time their patients and vendors follow them on their  Facebook page what they realized since launching their page is that is has opened a familiar dialogue for patients some even forget the treatment they are about to receive. Without realizing it, these patients through their posts get to know the staff as The Gardner Group knows their patient.

I’ve been a patient of Dr.Gardner for more than two decades. The reception staff are always friendly and no matter what, they do not forget my last life event shared with them in a brief conversation even if it was 4 months ago! Their Facebook page allows me a chance to get to know the rest of team in this practice.” – Randy Scott, patient

“Social” is a key element of running a smooth dental practice whether you are front-line staff or back of house. Since  adding  social media to this large practice they have realized a several levels of return on their time investment .  They’ve come together even more as a working “family” unit,  through their posts generated encouragement, engaged more with each other. All these put together have lead to less sick days. The most immediate impact on business performance is a reduced staff turn-over, which in-turn supports improved professional consistency towards the patient visit experience.

Lessons for Others

There are many documented reasons as to why a dental practice should use social media. Chief among these reason is over-all concern that it diminishes the standards of a medical practice.

The recurring theme is that running a social media platform improves connections within the staff and that internal relationships are valued within dental practice.  The sharing of social events outside the procedure room among employees and patients is often more important than postings that promote good dental health.   The Gardner Group has started to prove that social media accounts improve the everyday function of a well run dental practice.

Patients want to feel they are part of a family practice just as much as our staff” – Lisa S


Organization: Gardener Dental Group
Industry: health care
Name of Organization Contact: Lisa S, Treatment Co-ordinator

Authored by: Carina Fato

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