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aneta    October 17, 2016

Listening to conversations around current products can uncover ideas for the development of those products, as well as new product ideas.

The benefits of using social media to gather information include low cost, instant results while communicating with customers, utilizing social media becomes an emerging trend during production developments process.
One of the best ways of conducting social media research is to listen to conversations around product categories. Consumers airing their frustrations is common on social media and one of the richest sources for new product ideas. “Social Listening” is the practice of monitoring trends and conversations about a specific topic, brand or event. It can be a great way of learning more about what people think of a product and how to improve it.

“Social media is here. It’s not going away; not a passing fad. Be where your customers are: in social media.”
Lori Ruff

CreativeLive is an online education platform that broadcasts live classes to an international audience for free. CreativeLive features classes led by leading experts, winning photographers, bestselling authors, and influential entrepreneurs.

CreativeLive was founded in 2010 by Chase Jarvis and Craig Swanson, who teamed up to provide an online space where they could connect visionary instructors with up-and-coming creative professionals. Within months, their free live classes were drawing tens of thousands of viewers. Many more were purchasing the classes to add to their own creative toolkits.

In the years since, CreativeLive has developed its mission to empower creators with powerful new skills and inspirational mentorship, and in the process it has become something much larger than a series of connected live events. Millions of students, professionals, and artists from around the world have consumed over 2 billion minutes of inspirational education on its website.


The premise of free, live-streamed workshops has worked well for CreativeLIVE. More than 1 million students from 200 countries have taken a course. CreativeLIVE also isn’t having a hard time getting people to pay an average of $100 for a class. The company says its been profitable since its launch. Online education has been getting a lot of attention as they place bets that technology can upend traditional education.
Anyone can watch live online workshops — for free — and interact with instructors in real time. The future of education is interactive, free, and live now.
It’s the most unique platform in that the first time courses are run, they are done in front of a live audience, both in the studio, and sometimes online. This means you as a live viewer can influence the content of the course, by asking questions and suggesting ideas and often even suggesting instructors.
As a viewer watching the recording you also benefit from the fact that people are most likely asking for the same clarification and extensions that you would like to know. The “Live” aspect of CreativeLive is what makes it truly unique.

Interactivity includes:

  • Live Q+A – if you attend the course live.
  • Chat rooms – both a casual lounge and on-topic chat room.
  • Student projects and peer feedback.
  • Facebook groups or off-site groups run by the instructors.

CreativeLive does the best job of connecting learners with each other and with the instructors. The social aspects to this platform are some of the most valuable. They seem to encourage plenty of off-site interaction too. Students can also interact through CreativeLive FB page or instogram .

The best way of doing it, is showing it.
Chase Jarvis

CreativeLive instructor asks questions live and audience can participate, they can ask question and chat. For example a course on Ditching your Day Job also includes a Facebook group you can join. While many online learning platforms may dream of being the all-in-one solution, the problem is that the conversation has moved off of membership based sites and on to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Instructors on CreativeLive seem to know this very well. It also means that CreativeLive doesn’t have crusty old message boards.

“We do believe there’s interaction between students and teachers that’s important, but there’s a lot of skills in grad school that would be better served in distance learning versus going into a classroom.”

Mika Salmi, CEO, CreativeLive

Lessons for Others

In addition to reducing communication barriers, they also make it easier to connect emotionally to the content. I noticed that CreativeLive instructors, even when they talk about fairly straightforward topics, they tend to dig a bit deeper into what drives a creative person. And that makes the client more involved and more willing to give feedback and shape the future.

“Creativity is the new literacy,” Mr. Jarvis

CreativeLive unlocks previously closed doors by making dynamic education accessible to everyone. they use their customer’s feedback to develop courses that are needed in the creative industry. Listening to their clients and using creativity is what made them the go-to resource for creative crowd.


Organization: CreativeLive
Industry: Online education
Name of Organization Contact: Chase Jarvis, founder, Mika Salmi, CEO,

Authored by: atabor

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