Keeping an Eye on Supply Chain Management

Catherine Mills    July 3, 2016

Global companies are continuously communicating and collaborating with a broad community of people.1  Social media can help bridge the communication gap and help collaborate information more effectively and more efficiently.  Eyewear By Olga is a luxury eyewear retailer carrying top crafted frames from around the world.  It is located in the heart of Mississauga, in Port Credit.  Olga Trentin, Owner of Eyewear by Olga utilizes social media in every aspect of her business, whether it is for her retail store or online boutique.

“Social media has definitely helped my business, from visibility to purchasing to inventory management.” says Olga Trentin.

Social networking allows you to stay in touch, in real time, with your entire supply chain so you can manage it more efficiently, save time, keep everyone in the loop, and increase productivity. It increases collaboration among the partners and allows for transparent group conversations. You can track logistical updates, share data and knowledge, improve relationships, and monitor progress across your entire network of suppliers.2 Platforms like Skype have allowed Olga to speak directly with suppliers overseas, such as British frame designer Claire Goldsmith, co-owner of Orgreen + Goldsmith.  Other designers like Dita and Theo are also using social media for customer engagement, data monitoring and innovation.


By utilizing platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, Olga has been able to gain a better understanding of her customers.

“We have learned that Instagram and Facebook are two of our best sources of information for data monitoring and visibility.  Our clientele and suppliers are fashion savvy people, who are very visual.  Instagram and Facebook allow for us to highlight different designers in a much more visual way.” says Olga.


Lessons for Others

Today’s marketplace is highly competitive and it’s critical for companies to think of innovative new ways to streamline their operations, increase efficiencies, and optimize productivity in order to stay ahead of the competition.3  Eyewear By Olga is leading eyewear industry by using social media to communicate, educate and monitor.  This is creating customer loyalty and referrals, increased savings for both Eyewear By Olga and the customer, and a better understanding of the marketplace.  In order to be one of the leaders in the chain, it’s important to remember that internet users make up nearly half of the world’s population and that social media is on the rise.4

Organization: Eyewear By Olga
Industry: Retail, online retail
Name of Organization Contact: Olga Trentin, RO, Owner

Authored by: Catherine Mills

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