A Picture Perfect Example of Utilizing Social Media Metrics

Catherine Mills    July 4, 2016

To take a picture is to capture a moment in time. Each captured image has the potential to carry its own unique feeling through time, and bring you back with happiness and wonder to the origins of that moment.1  “I grew up around lenses, my dad worked in television and seeing life through a lens seemed more real to me” 2 says Paula Capella.  Paula Capella Photography not only captures those precious moments, but uses social media to capture important information to help grow her small business.


Facebook, Instagram and Twitter allow for Paula to reach many more people, increase customer engagement, acquire new business with new and existing customers, and actively monitor data.  She identified her company goal and objectives and used them to maximize her social media metrics.

“I use Facebook Dash to measure metrics as well as the Page Manager app which shows traffic, view impressions and the number of clicks.” says Paula.   She uses this information to help choose specific demographics to market.

As people start talking about you or your Brand online,there is a need for you to start tracking it and make meaning out of the ‘Big Data’ hype.3 Utilizing simple mention tools such as Social Mention or using various hashtags can help.  Paula Capella Photography uses #capellaphy.

Her company website is hosted on Squarespace.  Squarespace offers a website monitoring program which provides analytics to monitor and provide various types of information to help her understand the traffic to her website.  She in turn can use this information when making advertising decisions, planning photo packages, and much more.



Lessons for Others

Social media monitoring tool dashboards are making some tasks easier and advances in data visualizationbig data analytics and predictive modeling are expected to make it even easier for marketers to turn data into actional items that will benefit the company.4 Ensuring that your company goals align with your social media efforts will maximize your success.

Organization: Paula Capella Photography
Industry: Photographer
Name of Organization Contact: Paula Capella, Photographer & Owner

Authored by: Catherine Mills

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