Tweet When U Eat – Kellogg’s and Krave Cereal

JeffJ12    June 27, 2016

Rice Krispies, Special K, Corn Flakes, these are just a few iconic brands from Kellogg’s. I know for over 40 years I have enjoyed a bowl or two for breakfast.

Established over 100 years ago, Kellogg’s is a household name in 180 countries around the world today. The company continuously delivers high-quality breakfast foods and attracts consumers through some of the best advertising and marketing campaigns in the consumer goods industry.

During the summer of 2013 Kellogg’s wanted to run a 3 month, UK-specific social media campaign for their breakfast cereal Krave. The one difference from previous activities is they wanted to bring this campaign in-house. When bringing a campaign in-house Kellogg’s needed to make sure they had a way to track their KPI’s, and carefully align the social media metrics they were using to their organizational goals in a way that would contribute to the goals’ achievement.


Kellogg’s had three main goals when searching for a way to manage the progress of their campaign;

1. To flexibly launch social media campaigns in a streamlined manner

2. Sponsor exciting social competitions and award winners fast

3. Discover topical events and issues that inform future social media campaign ideas

Enter Brandwatch, a social media monitoring company that  builds smart software solutions that help marketers capture, analyze and share insights from social data to better prove the value of marketing in social. With Brandwatch’s software, Kellogg’s was able to dig deeper into the campaign and get real-time results without waiting on an agency to present their findings.

Vicky Keller, Digital Executive at Kellogg’s UK said ““The simplicity of the Brandwatch platform and exceptional support allowed us to dig into Twitter campaigns in ways we had thought to be too complex in the past. This presented Kellogg’s with a wealth of data right at our fingertips. “The Brandwatch dashboards were a goldmine of data that was easy to understand.”

With the Brandwatch tool in hand, the UK Kellogg’s team launched a three-month Twitter campaign of daily challenges.

It was summer time, and the marketing team took advantage of the much-anticipated launch of a new theme park ride called The Smiler in partnership with Alton Towers Resort.
They launched the campaign with the goal of associating Krave with the excitement of The Smiler and to drive consumers to try the product, appealing to the brands target audience.

To ensure consumers tried Krave, many of the competition’s challenges required users to tweet pictures of a Krave cereal box. This helped to encourage users to purchase the product and use it in fun and creative ways at home to win prizes, such as VIP tickets to the theme park with The Smiler ride. To win, users had to retweet @KraveUnleashed and include

The Kellogg’s team would then randomly select winners each day from qualifying retweets. The marketing team was able to monitor the Tweet When U Eat campaign’s tactics, thanks to the fast and simple feedback they were pulling from the Brandwatch dashboards, including:

* Daily summaries of all Tweets mentioning #KraveTheSmiler
* Daily Top Tweeters
* Tweets per hour
* Topics Cloud
* Weekly summary of Tweets to and from Kellogg’s
* Twitter Insights data

Kellogg’s improved consumer relations by quickly and fairly awarding prizes based
on Brandwatch queries. They automatically isolated the correct answers, then used
Brandwatch’s random tagging feature to pick a winner from within each data set.

Lessons for Others

Jay Baer, marketing and customer service keynote speaker said, “We use social media in marketing to drive business performance. The content that is created should have specific business goals that it is intended to achieve.”

Kellogg’s was able to drive the business performance of their brand Krave through the social content that was created and through data analysis using the Brandwatch software. The marketing team collected an abundance of data in Brandwatch that it can use for future marketing purposes, particularly on Twitter. With little additional team effort, Kellogg’s UK now controls a wealth of social data that will inspire the team to come up with new ideas and campaigns for social media success.

In the end Kellogg’s was able to:

* Fulfill a social campaign promise with streamlined results tracking.
* Drive incremental product sales via smarter campaign tactics.
* Uncover useful insights and personal tastes from its customer base.


Organization: Kellogg's UK
Industry: Consumer Packaged Goods
Name of Organization Contact: Vicky Keller, Digital Executive at Kellogg’s UK

Authored by: Jeff Johnson

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