“I Am An Astronaut and I Own My Own Space Shuttle.” Engaging Clients the Blast Marketing Way.

Russ Horner    June 7, 2016

Oh, how I wish I could truly say that “I am an astronaut and own my own space shuttle.” Just thinking of this makes me want to reach for the stars to unlock my full potential, discover new levels of success and achieve goals only dreamed about. Although I am not an astronaut and don’t own a space shuttle, this is exactly how Blast Marketing wants their front line workers and valued clients to think and so far, their success is reaching beyond the stars.

Blast Marketing is an experiential marketing (XM) firm based in Toronto which provides full service solutions for events, campaigns, and activations. On the company name, Blast Marketing co-founder Joshua Peters explains, “Blast means taking an event to a next level and going above and beyond the client’s expectations.”  It is this message that Joshua wants to share with his clients and potential clients through social media. In just two years, this company has already worked with many well known companies including Kellogg’s, Walmart, Adidas, American Express, RBC, and many more.

“I believe we are only one of a few XM companies that have owners that worked infield to an office, to starting a company. We know what the client expects of us and have had to always over deliver. Clients do love working with us for sure.” says Joshua. “It is also why we invest in people and call them Astronauts, to empower them, to encourage them to build their own space shuttles, to go where they want to be and to follow their dreams.” Blast Marketing has adopted this Astronaut philosophy to help make everything they do in XM more fun, meaningful, memorable and engaging and most importantly, more valuable and effective for their clients. One only needs to view the Blast website to see this philosophy in action.

As with any consumer or client, building trust is very important. “Potential clients will see what we have done and what we are capable of doing and will make their decision. Through our social media strategy, we want potential clients to know we are a knowledgeable and reputable company that they can trust to get the job done. Having them trust us means the world.” Joshua says. The Blast Marketing website shows a partial client list, numerous photos and videos and primarily uses Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn to distribute company information. Often, the client will have a hashtag that they would like to push out to get trending and will go to an event to use it or upload a photo for social media. “In the field, the Astronauts are the ones that get people to engage at an event. This engagement is a very critical part of the social media puzzle and basis of the overall success for the client.” explains Joshua. “It has to be done right.”

Lessons for Others

The outlook for companies like Blast Marketing looks extremely positive. Social media is key to not only explaining the services they provide, but to telling accurate stories through the images, videos and shares that front line Astronauts distribute on behalf of clients.  It is through social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram that a brand is portrayed so trust between client and a service company is immensely important.


Social media is a wonderful way to promote a company and show real results. Blast Marketing does this very well by showing their real work, their real clients and their real Astronauts. Potential clients want to see this and as co-founder Joshua Peters says, “We just want to show them what we can do.”

In my mind, the people who work the front lines at experiential marketing events are very important to the success of the event and satisfaction of the client.  Blast Marketing not only supplies front line staff, but invests in them and provides them with a positive working philosophy and environment that can affect event social media feedback and return business.

There is no doubt that XM is here to stay and will only grow in importance, uniqueness, scope and marketing necessity. The XM companies who succeed will be those who can solidify client trust, get the job done, and have the front line workers who can properly communicate the messages to build the experience that the client desires. If it was me, I would go the Astronaut/Space Shuttle ownership route. It sounds like the most fun and would certainly be the most direct path in helping me reach my own goals and full potential.

Organization: Blast Marketing
Industry: Experiential Marketing
Name of Organization Contact: Joshua Peters

Authored by: Russ Horner

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