T By Daniel “Leafing” their Competitors Behind with Customer Engagement

Catherine Mills    June 6, 2016

Today’s marketing landscape is ever changing, and with it, the way we engage with our customers.  It is no longer about selling a service or a product; now it is all about the customer experience.  Companies like T by Daniel, a Brampton based tea house, strive to provide a genuinely exceptional experience for each and every person they meet.  Lovers of tea, fashion and especially people, Daniela and Renata Lewis had a vision to start something that could speak to all generations and could bring people together 1.

It began when Daniel Lewis overcame a tragedy and used his new found passion for life to follow his dream with his loving wife by his side.  “From the moment a person walks into our store, our immediate goal is to wow them” says Renata Lewis, co-founder.  Their friendly staff focus on getting to know their customers, whether in person or online.

“Social media has certainly helped us increase our sales, by increasing the awareness of our company to people who would have otherwise never heard of us.  It also helps keep us engaged with our customer base, and to stay current in their minds.  We have benefited greatly over the years by growing our social media following organically, and best of all- “it’s free!”, says Renata Lewis.

Companies that engage with their customers via social media are proven to have more loyal customers.  Better yet, customers who engage with a brand online report spending 20% to 40% more on that brand, or on that company’s products 2.

After sampling one of their teas, I asked one of their customers what they thought of T by Daniel.  “From their hilarious ‘curtsy and twirl’ new customer greeting, to their theatrical customer events, T by Daniel takes a different approach to what customer service can be.  It is their vibrant personalities, strong community ties and unique style that brings people back and is the force behind their continued success” says Charlene McManus.  Whether you are speaking with their customers in person or reading their customer reviews online, T by Daniel is definitely creating a loyal client base.

Lessons for Others

Social media has enabled companies to engage with customers and has given consumers a louder voice than ever before 3.  If a customer is passionate about your product or service, it’s a win.  They’ll remain a customer and may even buy more products or services.  And since acquiring new customers costs at least five times more than retaining existing customer, improving customer retention is a direct boost to the bottom line 4.

T by Daniel’s understands the importance of customer engagement and executes this effectively every day.  Enjoy the T by Daniel experience by following them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or YouTube (@tbydaniel).

Organization: T by Daniel
Industry: Retail
Name of Organization Contact: Renata Lewis, Co-Founder

Authored by: Catherine Mills

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