Cineplex FanScreen Makes Fans Scream

Naomi Lai    June 7, 2016

Customer engagement is an extremely vital part of any business plan. In today’s fast paced constantly changing environment it can be hard for some companies to keep up. Customers are constantly in search of what is new and trendy, and as a result, retaining loyal customers is more challenging than ever. Let’s take a look at iPhone vs. Android. A few years ago there were two groups; dedicated Apple users, and dedicated Blackberry users. Most consumers had chosen their side and would stand by their device loyally. You would rarely expect to see an Apple user make the switch to Blackberry. In more recent years however, many Apple users have made the leap and abandoned their iPhones for an Android, which are (arguably) introducing more innovations to the smartphone world.

At the end of the day, the consumer wants what they perceive to be best, and currently the competition to stay at the top of the game is fierce. Communicating and engaging with your customers has never been more important than it is in our modern day, and using social media to connect is essential.

Cineplex Entertainment knows how important engaging with their customers can be, so in May of 2015, they launched their FanScreen social media campaign.1 The strategy focused on sparking more online discussion among movie-goers before and after the release of a new film. They found that previously, the first two weeks leading up to a film generated a lot of buzz, but after a few days at the box office consumers would move their focus to the next. 2
The FanScreen campaign changed this.

By introducing photo/video booths in theatre, consumers were able to record their reactions immediately after watching a film. They were then encouraged to post their photos and videos with the hashtag #FanScreen, and a hashtag of the movie title to their favourite social media sites.

Cineplex saw impressive results in the growth of their Social Media engagement after the launch of their campaign. Their Twitter account engagement grew by 67%, mentions of Cineplex over all social media platforms are 168% above their goal, and their average engagement rate is 4.25%.3 This is especially impressive when considering that most people average from 0.5 to 1% engagement on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.4
Movie-goers are excited to share their experiences and express their opinions, while Cineplex is happy to gain the feedback and to provide their consumers with something to make them smile.

Lessons for Others

Similar to the struggle Apple faces by keeping up with their ever-changing competition, Cineplex has to stay ahead of their competitors as well. By implementing such an engaging social media campaign, Cineplex will surely stand out from their competitors such as AMC and Empire.

Social Media campaigns should always aim to reach out and engage with customers. Keeping loyal customers is easier and cheaper than acquiring new ones5, so giving your audience a reason to stay is an important aspect of any business plan. The correct use of Social Media can help engage and keep your brand fresh and foremost in the minds of consumers.

Organization: Cineplex
Industry: Film
Name of Organization Contact: Meghan Bechberger, Event Cinema Co-ordinator

Authored by: Naomi Lai

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