JetBlue links social media to engage AND deliver

nhoskins    May 31, 2016

JetBlue doesn’t rely on free snacks alone to please customers. The airline company mines social media for opportunities to give individual customers exactly what will make them happy the minute they enter the airport.  By scanning the musings, emoticons or “deep thoughts” tagged with the @JetBlue Twitter handle employees ensure target customers receive -among other things – upgrades to first class or the coffee order they didn’t get a chance to pick up on way to the airport.

JetBlue Airlines consistently outperforms their competitors year after year according to customer satisfaction polls.  Although JetBlue follows a lower-cost model which helps it’s ratings among customers, it’s the company’s service culture that is the key to JetBlue remaining on top:  The customer-centric company culture empowers employees to do whatever it takes to make sure a customer has an amazing experience. Social media has opened up a wealth of opportunities for JetBlue’s employees to engage clientele and to deliver exceptional service to customers.

JetBlue’s customer service model includes and begins on social media. First, the company engages a customer by having a conversation on social media (e.g. Twitter). Second, JetBlue invests a small amount of time to get to know the customer and comes up with creative ways to deliver a perk that is so customized and amazing that it knocks the socks off a customer.

Often, all it takes is a kind word and a timely cup of coffee to transform a customer into a loyal customer.  It certainly has worked for JetBlue.




Lessons for Others

There are three lessons to be learned from JetBlue.  First, social media will magnify an organization’s corporate culture (good or bad) to customers – instantly.  Second, in a competitive industry, taking good care of customers in innovative and unique ways can give company’s an edge – if a company listens closely and can react nimbly to respond to customers’ needs.  Finally, a good social media plan has maximum impact.

Organization: JetBlue
Industry: Airline
Name of Organization Contact: Robin Hayes, President & CEO

Authored by: Noreen S. Hoskins

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