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orecia    May 30, 2016

So, I avoided real life and chose the beer/food and fun arrow. The warm hop aroma met me at the door, followed by a smiling hostess with a warm “hello”. Immediately, I knew I made the right decision. The beer and food were delicious but above all else the atmosphere was magnetic. Looking around, everyone was having fun… especially the staff. It was obvious that they loved their job and had a genuine passion for craft beer.

The Elora Brewing Company has only been operating for a little less than a year, but already it is evident that this is more like a family than a traditional business. The building itself, a former local hardware store in the picturesque town of Elora, Ontario, was completely renovated by local tradesmen, artisans, and current employees. Community involvement has been a big part of their plan from day one as locals and future staff members were encouraged to bring their sledge hammers and pitch in during construction. This approach built a foundation of community and employee brand ownership. This feeling of ownership has led employees to personal investment in the product, which shines through and ultimately drives sales.

As a high-involvement place to work from the get go, @EloraBrewing selected the right people with knowledge of different beer styles and tasting profiles. And, if not officially a Brewmaster or “Beer Cicerone”, they provide in-house information sessions for employees about the “World of Beer”. When you order a pint, a plate or both it is immediately evident that the servers have tasted everything and have an intimate knowledge of locally sourced ingredients. Honest input is encouraged, not only for product development but also for promotional items such as logos and even naming the latest brew batch. When you see staff members around town on their day off rockin’ the Lady Friend logo and meshback hats, the level of ownership they have in the product they’re selling is obvious.

It’s not hard to find evidence of Elora Brewing Company’s team building strategies as they use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and UNTAPPD to their full advantage. Regularly profiling employees and showing behind the scene images not only validates hard work but also provides a company transparency that links effort and dedication to brewery success. From encouraging staff to bring in their own vinyl to play on #vinylsunday to attending “CollaBREWations” with other breweries, employees are given power and control over the quality of their work environment. When you see the Instagram photos of the #axethrowing team building party, it’s obvious that the rewards of working for this company go well beyond a paycheck.

Lessons for Others

Anyone managing a team on any scale can learn from the five founding members of Elora Brewing company. They started with a community, established a rather large extended family, an awesome product and a year later everyone is still having fun and making money.  Considering a career in the Ontario Craft Brewing industry? Check out the latest beer career posting @OntarioBevNet !

Organization: Elora Brewing Company
Industry: Craft Brewing/ Food and Beverage
Name of Organization Contact: Matthew Lawson, Chief Marketing Officer

Authored by: Orecia Reilly

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