The future of Social Media, or the future of us?

Michelle    March 14, 2016

Social media has helped create a world of wants, image and envy. On Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.., over and over people are given channels to present themselves to the world, however they want. It’s contributed to a new phenomenon, coined ‘Facebook Depression’. It’s also given businesses a window to fuel that image obsessed mentality. As social media continues to adapt and advance, it also molds it audience. It can create a longing and desire that we didn’t have before, simply by being exposed to it, or by it being implied enough that it’s something we want. When individuals we look up to, or friends tell us how great something is, we are being both obviously and subliminally being impacted. 

Social media teaches its users. It teaches new definitions of acceptance, of social interaction and even negative things like bullying. It’s already taught people how to covet things they see, and now its teaching people how to buy. Monetization is a driving factor behind much of the movement of social media, as seen in the introduction of the ‘buyfeature or button. Now, when you see an outfit on your favourite celebrity, you can immediately buy it. When you see a music mogul using the latest greatest, you can own it too.

It’s become simplified, seamless to see something you want on a social media channel and make the decision to purchase it. The introduction of giving social media users buying power at the literal press of a button, on devices that are mobile and taken with people everywhere they go, puts the stores and products figuratively in the customer’s hands, with the easy possibility of them being in their literal hands.

The future of social media is being predicted as becoming more prevalent, more intertwined into our society…more. It will change the way we receive our news, change so many things about how we go about our day. But what some are recognizing and others are ignoring, is how we are being molded by the social media we think we are influencing.

Lessons for Others

Ksenia Rostova, CEO, Inselly Instagram Marketplace

“During the past few years we’ve seen how Facebook and Twitter have been working towards integrating e-commerce experience inside the social network. Now, when Pinterest and Instagram are about to introduce their Buy buttons this trend gets even more powerful. I guess the obvious outcome is that people will become increasingly immune to direct selling and businesses will have to find new ways to get users introduced to their offers in a more gentle way. “

The future of social media will lean into our tendencies. As a consumer driven society, social media is adapting to that. But that’s just the beginning of where it will go. Maybe soon, while you watch your favourite TV show, you can get alerts to the the products being used, or the clothes being worn on the tv screen in front of you. Websites already exist promoting it, it’s natural that the those who benefit from the consumerism keep giving people new channels to nab those items they are seeing in front of them. Perhaps advertisements on billboards become easily scanned, and then, just as easily purchased. In fact, now that I think of it, I’m surprised we aren’t already doing that…

Industry: Social Media
Name of Organization Contact: Tarun Jain, Group Product Manager

Authored by: Michelle P

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