Shopify Leading by Example, Inspiring 200,000+ Customers, and Making Lasting Experiences!

Shel    February 8, 2016

Hello and welcome back folks!

In my last blog – Shopify’s Custom Built Unicorn Platform Takes Employee Engagement to a Whole New Realm  I looked at how Shopify’s amazing business culture fosters their exemplary employee engagement.  Next, I focus on how Shopify as an organization exudes the same passion when connecting with their customers.

“We want every single minute of interaction with a customer to be a minute of true value,” says Richard Hall – Director of Revenue Operations [1]

“We strive for happiness — not satisfaction!  The customer service industry is obsessed with “customer satisfaction”. We believe that’s too low a bar. Satisfaction is not a measure of success — it’s just enough to get by. We want our customers to be happy. Happiness is success. Happiness is our goal. “ [2] – Mantra spoken by Shopify’s customer support team

Let me be honest, my first exposure to Shopify was actually through my husband.  He recently joined  Shopify’s free two-week trial, for his online store: Essential Oil Labs. Lately, all we seem to do is talk about growing his business. So I decided why not engage with him and get a first hand look at how Shopify really interacts with their customers.  I was marveled at the amount of times they have reached out to him.  He’s plugged into all sorts of forums,  “How-To” videos and not to mention he gets a “gazillion” emails.  What really struck me is the way in which they deliver this material.  It’s timely, entertaining, and pretty darn addictive.

Everywhere you can Click, Tweet, Like, or Share you will find Shopify everywhere, promoting their free 14 day trial. What’s really admirable is that you don’t even need credit card to sign up – that’s how sure they are that you’ll be Shopifyied!

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Googleplus, and of course YouTube, no matter the social media one can reach out take advantage of Shopify’s amazing offer.

Interaction is key in social media. As our world is becoming more and more automated, taking over every aspect of how we interact with one another. It’s really is great to see that Shopify has not lost sight of that human connection. They believe in this so much, even when considering job applicants the first thing they ask them to do is Sign-up for a free trial.  Wow what brilliant way to give the potential recruit the full customer experience, and for Shopify to see if they have the right fit.

Good social adoption starts with a focus on people, not the technology. It is important to get your employees engaged because customer engagement is a shared responsibility across the enterprise.  Every employee must be empowered to recognize a customer engagement opportunity and act on it. [3]

From top down bottom up any way you look at them Shopify has some great employees! You can really see they not only work hard but have fun while engaging with their customers no matter how big or small.

Blogging, tweeting and striking a cord that’s what its all about.  Here are just are a couple of Awesome Shopify advocates:

Dayna WinterDayna Winter@NiceCobra

Tucker SchreiberTucker Schreiber @tuckerschreiber

Equally captivating are Shopify’s online resources.  They are genuine, innovative, and so relateable

To quote Merchant Mavericks review “It’s clear that Shopify puts time and effort into customer relationship development, since the more your store grows the longer you’re likely to be a customer. I could spend hours clicking around Shopify’s own Blog which spotlights topics like SEO, drop shipping, and growing your business.”[4]

Online marketers are constantly engaged through Shopify’s E-Commerce University, here patrons can visit sections such as:

Shopify Success Stories:  Entrepreneurs have bragging rights and can showcase their talents and achievements!

Here’s another example of Remarkable Canadian success story: Purple Urchin

And if your so inclined Shopify customers can also visit their highly entertaining and informative Forums, Videos, Blogs and Shopify Nation: founded in 2014, by a team of Shopify developers, designers, and marketers is a free resource and community site for Shopify e-commerce entrepreneurs.

and finally…

Shopify Masters (PodCasts): By simply entering your email address and you will get  the knowledge and inspiration you need to build, launch and grow a profitable online store. “Join host Felix Thea each week as he interviews successful eCommerce entrepreneurs and unpacks how they’re building businesses that allow them to live the life they want.”

“Customer engagement is no longer a series of one-off experiences—it’s an ongoing dialogue. Companies need to be good listeners in the digital age, and that requires a new set of skills. It means listening to customers who are already having conversations about brands –yours and others.” [5]

From the mind of the highly talented author, digital analyst, anthropologist and futurist, Brian Solis comes this new train of thought that businesses should create experiences, not just products or services.  He discusses this concept in an audio interview with Brent Leary on Jan 8, 2016 were he promotes his new book “X: The Experience When Business Meets Design.

Creating experiences huh….?     You bet Shopify’s got that covered to.

From Shopify’s Retail Tours: where small business and retailers can gain valuable hands on experience finding the right tools to learn how to sell online, in-store, and everywhere in between.

To their surreal Build-A-Business Competition.  

Igniting one amazing connection after another, helping their customers excel at what they do best.

First launched in 2010 they enticed “Newly Joined or Potential” customers to get their creative juices flowing and win spectacular prizes.

Here’s Toby Lütke, CEO of Shopify with more on the contest

The contest was conceived to encourage those with an entrepreneurial spirit to dust off their dream and get started – no more excuses. “When Tim Ferriss told me about running his first online business in just a few hours a week while traveling Europe, we realized that Shopify was built exactly for this kind of adventure, and we decided to show people just how easy it really is,” Lütke said. “This is an opportunity of a lifetime – not only do contestants have the chance to pursue their dreams and become their own boss, but they can win cash for doing it.” [6]

Evolving from year one to date it has had some very influential Mentors helping to making some lucky person’s dream into a reality.

Tim Ferriss extraordinary author, entrepreneur and, angel investor, and mentor shows his passion for the contest.


Each year, Shopify announces its Build a Business Competition. Last year’s contestants had the opportunity to meet Sir Richard Branson at his private Necker Island –

Now in its’s 6th year Shopify in-conjunction with Huffington Post has once again teamed up with the world’s top entrepreneurs to bring the entrepreneurial experience of a lifetime and help people to build their dream business.

Please take a moment… dream away…..

What an incredible way of Leading and Engaging Shopify!

…. And for the lucky few an opportunity beyond incredible!  I’m inspired are you?

Lessons for Others

Awesome job Shopify can’t wait to see what you’ll do next!

Here are some takeaways for you folks:

  1. Being able to connect with your customer these days is easy with all the available Social Media tools out there at your disposal. However it’s up to you on how you use those tools that really makes the difference in making the customer feeling engaged.
  1. Get everyone involved, you don’t need just a single team to focus on making these connections, every person in your organization should be your living brand ambassador sharing your passion!
  1. Be an inspiration to your customers, show them by doing, one of Shopify’s Core Values is to “Act like owners. “
  1. To connect with your customer is one thing but to create an experience is truly invaluable, and what every company should be striving for!
  1. There are new rules to customer engagement in social media – its essential to keep up with the times and find your style!

Closing Thoughts:  Keep sharing success and believe in Karma!!

Thanks for engaging with me, signing off for now. Shel….

Organization: Shopify
Industry: Canadian E-Commerce
Name of Organization Contact: Tobias Lütke is founder and CEO and Richard Hall - Director of Revenue Operations

Authored by: Shel

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