Purolator Customers Are In-The-Loop

ashleymc    February 23, 2016

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Utilizing social media and technology is an excellent way to ensure solid communication throughout the supply chain. Without communication, the chance of an error (or a perceived error) greatly increases. Such is the case with Purolator. Think about it—customers are entrusting their goods with the company, so it’s only right that the customer remains in-the-loop throughout the entire process. As you can see in the video below, Purolator is well-aware of just how important it is to simplify the supply chain process for customers.


Chances are, if you’ve sent or received a package within Canada, you’ve used Purolator. The company launched in Eastern Canada in 1960 and now has a revenue of $1.5 billion. However, you may or may not have utilized all the tools provided by Purolator to ensure communication remains open throughout the supply chain process.

One of the ways that Purolator allows customers to use technology throughout the process is by providing a tracking number. Customers can visit Purolator.ca and input the tracking number to see exactly where their package is. It could be en route or it could be at a warehouse, waiting for pick-up. While this feature is nothing new, Purolator has stepped up its game—in 2011 they launched an app available for iPhone and Android devices. So, instead of customers having to visit their website to track their package, they can save their tracking information within their app to receive notifications throughout the process.

Purolator’s app is quite extensive, and some of the best features are highlighted below:

  • Tracking – this is likely the most used feature of the app. Simply enter in your tracking number and you’re good to go!
  • Get Estimate – enter the location you’re sending the packing to and from, along with package details, and an immediate estimate is right there at your fingertips!
  • Schedule Pickup- you can set the one hour time frame you would like the package to be picked up in and even set an alarm as a reminder.
  • Find location – a list of all the Purolator locations near you, based on your location (there are likely quite a few!)
  • Tutorials – although the app is very user-friendly, there’s a guide available of all the features for users who need a bit of assistance.


Purolator is also utilizing Twitter as a way to communicate with its customers throughout the supply chain. Not only are they using Twitter to build their brand reputation by posting original content to their main twitter handle @PurolatorInc, but they’ve also launched a separate page @PurolatorHelp, to directly communicate with and help customers. Social Media has become an excellent way to provide quick answers to customers (if done right) about their needs.

Lessons for Others

When it comes to involving customers in the supply-chain, the simpler the better! Purolator has created several ways for consumers to remain informed throughout the supply chain. While there are surely more developments to be made when it comes to integrating social media and supply chain, Purolator has shown its commitment to their customers. Whether it’s their app, twitter feed or through their website,  Purolator has certain taken great strides in the last five years.

In the bigger picture, as long as their customers are happy, Purolator can continue take their success and make a difference within communities across Canada. In 2014, they committed to delivering 1 million pounds of food for their “Tackle Hunger Program.” Now that’s supply chain at its best.

Organization: Purolator Inc.
Industry: Shipping
Name of Organization Contact: Michelle Meggie, Corporate Communications Consultant

Authored by: AshleyMc

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